Useless coupon…


Received this FOOD|DRINK coupon in my mailbox a few days ago. Was quite happy with it as there’s one outlet of the food court nearby my place, and we usually buy our dinner there. So with this $8 worth of FOOD|DRINK coupon, i think we can save quite abit πŸ™‚

But, something just pissed me off. Guess what?! these coupons can only be used for certain selected items from the stalls only. Example, you cannot use this coupon if u intend to buy a cup of coffee, but u can use it if u purchase the set meal which consist of coffee and bread. i was like WTH?! I simply only want coffee. Another example, if u intend to buy a bowl of fishball noodles, you cannot use the coupon as well, but u can use it if u buy a bowl of laksa? -_-”

I mean this is simply ridiculous la… What is the purpose of you issuing out these FOOD | DRINK coupon? I’m emphasizing on the word FOOD|DRINK coupon written on it.

This is simply just a useless coupon…


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