A Chilled Out Public Holiday…

Ever since the MBS aka Marina Bay Sands opened officially, we’ve yet to find some time to go down and explore ard. Therefore we decided to make good use of the public holiday last friday for a visit to MBS 😉

Almost complete…

the little river that flows in the middle of the mall… realized that most of the casino have this little feature/attraction. Example like genting highland, macau and now in singapore!

if i’m not wrong. it’s $5 for a ride… and cheaper price for shoppers that spend a certain amount in the shopping mall…

your might think that this huge inverted dome shape is just a part of the building design right?

but it’s actually more than that!

guess what it is?





People actually threw coins into the dome and there is this hole in the center of the dome and pple believes that if the coins u threw managed to get into the hole and dropped into the river in the mall, it means u are very lucky or will bring u good luck.

wow.. from the no. of coins i see there, i think there’s a few hundreds buck ba~

OH! and how can we not snap any pictures of ourselves right?!!

we proceed over to the Pit Stop cafe for dinner and some gaming session to chill over night away… 😉 the only image i have was the chicken wings ! haha. as we’ve went there before and if u are keen to view more images of the pit stop cafe, you can visit my previous entry here

and supper nearby… the famous dried mee sua, which i think it taste ok lo… i still prefer the oyster mee sua… 😀

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