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Three Years in a Balloon

A few weeks ago, when my friends and I drove past Upper Paya Lebar Road, I caught sight of a yellow signboard with the words “Three Years in a Balloon” outside a shophouse.

Being a sucker for cafes, I was excited and googled about it. I found out that it was a newly opened café, operated by the same people behind Wimbly Lu. Three Years in a Balloon specialises mainly in desserts such as cakes, waffles and ice cream. I also found out that it was only open on weekdays until 7.30pm. I don’t get home before 10pm usually (the café was near my home) so there was no way I could make it after work.

Still, the hipster in me wanted to try the café – try it before everyone knows about it! – so I made up my mind to find a free afternoon to visit it.

So here I am!


They just opened on 1st August.


The entrance to the café is really interesting, because the door is attached to this counterweight via a pulley system. Check out the counterweight!


Entrance and interior of the café.



See the chefs at work making your desserts.


The desserts on display!


Aged labels for their ice cream and desserts.


I was quite full when I went to the café so I got an iced mocha and a quiche.


And my friend and I shared a mango mousse cake.


The quiche was alright but the mousse cake was delicious. Their coffee is fairly decent, I feel.

Very delicious fizzy lychee drink!


The waiter overheard my friend saying that her lime soda was not very nice, so he replaced it with a lychee drink. So awesome! I really like it when places have good service, and I find that it tend to happen with cafes as compared to mass restaurants (maybe because cafes are small in nature and their staff take more notice of the reputation of the café; the food they serve? Or I may be just talking crap).

We left the café after a few hours. But I would love to check Three Years in a Balloon out again because I hadn’t tried all their desserts yet. Their waffles look good, as well as their cupcakes!



Three Years in a Balloon

163 Upper Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 534857

Monday to Friday : 12 noon to 7.30pm

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