Join Me In A Charity Event with BAPE !

There will be a group of A Bathing Ape (or BAPE®) ambassadors strolling along orchard road over the 2 weekends (31 July & 1st August and 7th August & 8th August) to raise money for Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

I’ll be one of them and i’ll be appearing on this coming saturday, 31 July! 🙂

What you need to do is to come down Orchard Road during this 2 weekends (31 July & 1st August and 7th August & 8th August) and make a donation of just $1, you’ll be able to own the BAPE® Ez-Link sticker that features the brand’s signature camouflage (CAMO) pattern of Singapore’s very own colours!

The BAPE® CAMO is represented by different colours that are unique to each country. Red, blue and green are the designated combination to represent Singapore.

The Ez-Link stickers can also be purchased from the BAPE® Store at Mandarin Gallery Level 2.

All proceeds will go entirely to charity.

Simple Right? and it’s just $1, i’m sure you guys can afford right?

Oh ! I’ve not mention about where the donations will go to!


All proceeds will go to the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund was initiated on Children’s Day (October 1) in the year 2000 by The Straits Times, to heighten public awareness of the plight of children from low-income families who were attending school without proper breakfast, or pocket money to sustain their day in school.

The aim is to alleviate the financial burden faced by parents in providing for their children’s education. At the same time the funds will help children who are already facing difficulties in remaining in school to stay on.

So let’s help them by doing your part!

Join Me this coming Saturday, 31 Jul, 1.30pm along Orchard Road & BAPE® Store at Mandarin Gallery Level 2 !

Let’s put our hands together and help these childrens!


*ps: do bring your camera along and snap some pictures!*

do help to spread this message around!

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