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Arcwave ION – The world’s first Pleasure Air Stroker

Arcwave Ion is the world’s first stroker to integrate Pleasure Air for the male body. The result is electrifying, body-shaking experience at the touch of a button. Ion will tease, suck and stimulate the Pacinian pleasure receptors to bring your orgasm to a whole new level.


Experience a powerful new type of stimulation based entirely on pulsating airwaves. Designed specifically to target the Pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum, which are highly sensitive and respond well to acceleration and deceleration, Ion comes with 8 intensity settings, which promise to give you the most intense and new orgasm experience.



Save the hassle of having to find the OFF button, which can be a major turn-off and ruin the moment, Smart Silence technology has been designed to address this problem. This advanced technology is able to know when you want to start and stop stimulations automatically through skin contact with the Pleasure Air sensor. You will not have to worry about any unwanted noise again as Smart Silence will be able to turn off the product as soon as there is no skin contact detected.


The high density and biocompatibility material makes the CleanTech silicone safe from pathogens and germs. It is also hypoallergenic and is resistant to UV-light which makes it more durable and hygenic than conventional materials such as TPE (thermoplastic elastomers).

Another thing that you may be worried about is cleaning it. The innovative Twist to Open mechanism makes cleaning Ion effortless. All you need to do is to twist the top part of Ion and it will split into two pieces. Simply rinse the top part of the product with water directly, as both the device and the sleeve are IPX7 water-resistant which means once separated, you can submerge it in water to clean it.


Other than looking aesthetically nice and discreet, the Ion’s innovative storage base doubles as a charging and drying base too! A full charge will take about 120 mins, which can last you for about an hour.

And now, the most important question. Can fit anot?

Ion is made with Arcwave’s CleanTech silicone which is highly durable and flexible, so it can adapt to fit almost all sizes. The diameter of the insertion area (unstretched) is 33mm and can be stretched up to 44mm. Ion is also open ended on both sides, allowing it to accommodate any length.

Tempted to give it a try? You can get yours today here.

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