Happy Birthday SHARP! It’s Your 100th Anniversary!


What comes to you mind when you heard of the brand “SHARP” ? TV? Refrigerator? or Photocopying machines?

For me, the first product that came to my mind was TV! 😀 but i’m sure you are not aware of what Sharp started off as right?

Sharp started off in 1912 as a metal working shop in Tokyo and slowly throughout the years, it evolved into a successful brand which produces Audio Visual, Business Equipment and Home Appliances!

Message from SHARP

For 100 years, we have stood as a trusted symbol to connecting customers and business worldwide.

We believe in dedicating our sincerity and creativity to every individual around the world. From our business and service philosophy to innovate products, we strive to improve and support people’s lives.

We set our sights for the next 100 years to touch the heart of millions with innovative products and genuine services.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, they have come up with a campaign for YOU to take part and win Attractive prizes! 😀

The Anniversary Share

Share your pictures or videos celebrating anniversaries or other commemorative moments of you, your family and your friends on the campaign site which will be created into a memorable video by SHARP!

Not only that, you stand a chance to win some AWESOME prizes too!

A Trip to the West Coast, USA.Two pairs (four people) out of all applicants will be selected and submitters of the top five ranking pictures and videos will receive Sharp products.

Here’s how to go about submitting your entries!


You will received a notification once the upload is completed. 😉

This campaign will last till 15th October 2012 so you have plenty of time to go gather those  videos and pictures for submission 😉

So SHARE your Joyous Moments together with SHARP as they celebrate it’s 100th Anniversary! 

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