Ermz… I’m Flying Off to Bangkok AGAIN!!!

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YES YES YES!!! i know.. you might be questioning yourself, “didn’t he just went bangkok in january?” You are not wrong, i did went for a 4D3N company trip to bangkok in january and you are not wrong as well that i’m going bangkok again !

As calvintimo was telling me that he wanted to go shopping in bkk  when he saw my tweets when i’m in bangkok, so we decided to plan for a trip to bangkok together! 😀

He recommended me a travel deal from another coupon site and i saw the same travel deal on, just that the hotel is located more at the shopping district area, so we decided to go for the one at! ;D

and thanks to which provide awesome deals in singapore, they are sponsoring us for the trip! 😀 wee~!!!

The travel agency was really nice as well. They are super prompt in replying our queries and they actually helped to hold onto our booking while we check on the dates we are available to fly! 🙂

In this Deal package, we will be flying with THAI Airways, staying at Bangkok City Inn with daily breakfast, get free airport transfer and a half day city tour as well! 😀

I did a calculation and compare the difference between the deal and if i were to book all this separately…

(source from Thai Airways and Agoda)

and here’s how much you are paying if you purchase the voucher from

Can tell the difference?!!! It’s an additional of $133.00 that you are paying for if you were to book them individually! That $133.00 can buy me dunno how many stuff at the chatuchak market lor!

Okay, i know there are quite a few negative feedbacks when it comes to purchasing from these coupon sites but after all these calculations, don’t you think its more worth it meh?

But i’ve not “fully redeem” my voucher yet (cause i’ve nt go for the trip) so we shall see if it really fulfill what was written on the voucher as promised 🙂

Do follow me on my twitter, facebook page as i’ll be doing live updating over in bangkok ;D

*ps : notice anything in this image? 😛

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