Aryaa, Alexander the Great’s Kitchen

With the entire concept from its interior to the food, specially curated to take you on the culinary pilgrimage of Alexander the Great, Aryaa is the first restaurant in Singapore to offer you this unique culinary journey.


The interior of the restaurant was a little grand, but not that grand, filled with copper tones and lighting to create and ambience of royalty.



During our tasting session, we’re quite surprise that the food served didnt’t came as what we ordered as they would prefer us to try their recommendation. We were puzzled why make us choose and place our order initially then.

We initially ordered the Aryaa’s Tandoori Platter but a Vegetarian Platter was served instead.


Next we had the Aryaa’s Mediterranean Grilled Platter which is unfortunately a little too dry for the meat, though the dips to go with the meat taste pretty good.



Laal Mass, lamb curry which i didn’t really eat much as I’m not a fan of lamb, but review about this dish was quite good and the lamb meat is tender.


As rubbisheatrubbishgrow is a fan of Moussaka, so he suggested to order one to try. According to him, the one we had is different from the Greek as it is richer in flavour and much more cheesy.


Desserts was disappointing as both the Galaktoboureko, creamy custard wrapped with crispy pastry and the Baklava didn’t leave any impression on us.


Overall, our dining experience in the restaurant was good, just that some additional training might be needed for the staff and with some minor tweaks and changes to the food, Aryaa should be ready to be a place for diners to visit if they are a fan of Greek, Turkish and Indian food.


7500E Beach Road,
#01-201 Diners Building
Singapore 199595

Opertaing hours :
Lunch – 12:00pm to 3:00pm (Mon to Fri)
Dinner – 6:00pm to 11:00pm (Mon to Sat)

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