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The Cajun Kings Where The Seafood Boil


A friend of mine brought me to this place which i didn’t know it exist, filled with nice restaurants and cafes along serangoon. Place wasn’t really accessible so it’s a bonus if u drives, but nothing gonna stop us from exploring this place! You can actually take a train to serangoon station and exit from exit F and walk a distance there. I’ve attached the map for ur reference lah~ got gan dong anot?


so now you know ur way there, how’s the food like leh?

It was really a impromptu decision to visit them so we actually have no idea of wat to order. hahaha~ So after the recommendation from the friendly staff over there, here’s what we ordered!


Three sides and one mains. You must be thinking where got mains?! that plastic bag is our mains for the night. From the top (clockwise direction) we have the Pork Belly Crackings $7 which is basically our roast meat aka SHAO ROU aka SHIO BAH~ it’s quite crispy and i find it a nice sides to go with beer…

Next on the bottom right, we have The King’s Wings $9 whereby the chicken taste quite juicy.. just that i find it a little bland on the taste. And just beside the wings, we have the Garlic Fries $6 which i quite like. Fries was nicely done, not too oily and the bits of garlic makes it taste soo yummy 🙂

Lastly the main highlight. our seafood !!! You choose the type of seafood you want, ranging from lobster, crab, prawns to clams. Prices are charged according to the season and by weight. Next, choose the flavour or seasoning for the seafood. We chose the KING’s Mix suggested by the staff and it’s SOO DAMN GOOD LAH! you can have additional add ons to your seafood as well, like corns and sausages. I opt for the corn as i love corn 😛

and here’s how it looks like when it arrived…


Not very appealing BUT! dun judge a book by its cover. IT TASTE SO FREAKING GOOD LAH!!!! the sauce enhances the whole taste and seriously my friend loved the sauce soo much that he even thought or packing the remaining sauces back. Strongly recommend u guys to order some bread so u can go dip it with the sauces.

One thing to take note is that. no cutleries nor plates provided. You eat with ur hands and your throw the shells watsoever on the table. It’s quite a good idea and since everyone is using their hand to eat, you don’t have to feel awkward doing so… 🙂

I’m missing the food there as i blog about it now.. especially the sauce~!! HEAVENLICIOUS! see we finished EVERYTHING. BURP~~~~~


we ended off the dinner with something sweet as recommended by the staff once again…


not bad leh~ quite nice. is like eating a huge macaroons with ice cream in it. 🙂 just order one and share as it’s quite big, almost the size of a mooncake.


Overall it’s a nice place to enjoy dinner with a group of frens or even couples over some finger licking good seafood, sides and beer! 🙂



Our total bill for this meal is ard 80 bucks, one bag of prawns with corn, 3 sides, 1 dessert and 2 beers 🙂


The Cajun Kings

15-1 Jalan Riang
Serangoon, Singapore 358987

Written By

Darren Ang

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