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Sumptuous Meal at AMK


Met up with rachel, diana and jac last night for dinner at amk, a dinner just before diana fly off tonight for her china trip with zhiwei and his parents. We ordered quite alot of food! Rachel and jac ordered the prawn noodles, diana ordered fish soup while i ordered bo zai mian.. other than the above so called main dish for us, we ordered side dishes to share as well 😀 there’s carrot cake, fried oyster and indian rojak ! muahahahahaha ~~~ and surprisingly, we managed to finish all the food 😉

Not forgetting dessert 🙂 we’re sure that we do can eat alot hahaha 🙂

Bon Voyage to my dear friend diana and zhi wei! hope you enjoy ur trip to china and rmb to bring something back for us AHAHAHAHAHA 😀 see you guyz soon !

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Darren Ang

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