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Genki Sushi at Chinatown Point

Genki Sushi at Chinatown Point

Went for dinner with TK some times ago at chinatown point and as i was having craving for some sushi, we came across this GENKI Sushi which was newly open and decided to have that for dinner. Initially i thought that it’s nothing special but i was a little surprised with the way we were asked to order our sushi!


they uses a ipad mini for ordering and the graphics all very cute one leh~ i seriously think they did a really GOOD job in  this! the whole experience was like so WOW~ hahaha~

I thought the most interesting part of all is the ipad, but… i was wrong. see how our sushi was served!

genki sushi at chinatown point

super cute and interesting lah. When it was delivered to you, you need to “unload” your sushi and press a button to send the racing car/bullet train back to the sushi station. HAHAHA~ so fun!

genki sushi at chinatown point

Their sushi taste not bad leh. and look at that thick slice of fresh sashimi… woooo~~

genki sushi at chinatown point

The way the clear the plate also very unique. You just need to slot the plate in here and tada, cleared! this saved alot of manpower actually!

genki sushi at chinatown point

okay, end of my amusement with my experience there. Maybe it’s not something new anymore but it’s the first time i experienced that so.. ya… call me sua ku if you want :X

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Darren Ang

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