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Cha Ba Lang Blogging Part 8

Cha Ba Lang Blogging time! I’ve scheduled this entry to be published during my ict so that you guys will not miss me too much when im away 😛 (okay i know very thick skin :X)

Finally after 2 months, i managed to meet up with my bbfs~ got so many things that i bought from taiwan and korea to pass them.. finally can clear them from my room hahaha~ but most importantly is they like it 😉

Seriously loving my note alot. can do lots of deco on it!!! 😀 The gals with their birthday present which i bought back from taiwan.. It’s like super belated as their birthday was in april.. LOLx~

Crazy shopping at the sale from Uniqlo. BBFs gearing up for my Birthday party in late july~ Guess what is the theme for the party?

Dinner at Shin Kushiya~ 😉

My happy call pan arrived! Super fast delivery! i ordered on monday noon and it arrived on wednesday noon! Stay tuned to my blog as i’m gonna prepare food with it for my parents! Part of the #CookForFamily campaign! 🙂

This year bak zhang tasted so so only :/ the aunty which we usually ordered from is not making bak zhang anymore le.. awww. missed the taste of the bak zhang from that aunty~~

the one and only packaging in the world which you cannot find else where~ SO SWEET RIGHT?!!!! thanks BRAND’s!!! 😀

Chill lax morning at  TEYVIKA as we are locked outside our office ~ :X lolx~~

Beautiful weather which i couldn’t resist not taking a pic~~~

People drink bird nest while i drink 6 years old korean red ginseng. Thanks KTO for the gift! ;D

My first birthday present this year from my mum! a bb 9360 non camera phone! Came just in time for my in camp training so that i can still stay connected with my loved ones and all of you! ;D

A few OOTD (outfit of the day) to share… 😛

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Darren Ang

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