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The most common cause of sagging skin is aging, and as you age, your skin loses collagen and elastin which is supposed to make you skin look soft, plump and youthful. Facial muscles weaken with age as well and as you age, more exposure to the dreaded pull of gravity causes skin to sag a little further down with each passing day. Not only that, you skin will tends to look tired and droopy.

BUT! Not to worry as with the help of Venus Via Diamond Polar from EHA Clinic, you can achieve a uplifting face 🙂


Venus Viva Diamond Polar is a technology that utilizes the proven Magnectic Pulse Technology combining Multi-Polar RF and Pulsed Magnectic Fields, it provides a non-invasive skin tightening treatment which is safe for all skin types. If can be used on the face, neck and other hard to reach body areas. The applicators unique electrode placement can treat around the eyes, along the jowls and other smaller body parts to smooth skin, wrinkles and fine lines.

My mum was delighted to hear of this and she was excited to try it out! Upon arrival, she was asked to go through some diagnosis with this machine to better highlight which are the areas that they need to focus on more.




After the scan, mum was brought to a room to begin her treatment. After cleansing the face, we took a photo of her face so we can do a better comparison after the treatment.



Doing a temperature check on the skin as you will feel the heat during the treatment on your skin and to some, may find discomfort in it. It really depends on individual and you can request to go low and slowly increase as you progress.diamondpolar_ehaClinic-8931

Cooling gel was applied on the face to reduce the heat and to ease any discomfort during the treatment.


and the treatment begin. It takes approx. 20 to 30 mins on each side of the face.




Considering that it’s my mum’s first session, she managed to adapt pretty well to the heat. Here’s how it looks like after 30 mins of treatment on half of her face. Now she got rosy cheeks 😛



My mum has been going for her weekly treatment very diligently, though in between she experienced discomfort due to the heat and some sensitivity to her skin, but that’s normal and you do not have to worry about it if you are experiencing that as well.

So after 4 weeks of treatment, let do a quick check on the results 😉

You can see from the comparison, her skin is much lifted and tighter now, and it doesn’t look as tired as it is before the treatment and most importantly, she’s happy with the results 😉


look at that jawline!


Venus Viva Diamond Polar treatment starts from $380 for both face and neck. If you are interested in this treatment, do contact EHA Clinic and book an appointment with the friendly consultant.

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