Dekke Hud Men’s Skincare for the Lazy Men

I know that most of the guys out there find having to put on different cleansers, lotions, toners a hassle and they would prefer minimum effort to maintain a healthy and glowing skin, especially when you’ve tried to do so with the X number of products you have and you see minimal or no results.

With the aid of Dekke Hud, they’ve looked into a way to help solve this problem by developing a Mask *ding ding* where you will be able to feel results after your first 15 minutes of application. Hmmm.. how true is that? Let’s try it out!


Dekke Hub provides three different types of mask, catering to the different needs such as the Skin Revitalization Mask (3 Pieces, $40.00) which is the ultimate healing solution for dry, sensitive and damaged skin, All Day Oil Control Mask (3 Pieces, $40.00) for those with oily and combination skin, and All Day Moisturizing Mask (3 Pieces, $40.00) to keep your skin hydrated.


I tried the All Day Moisturizing Mask and I really love it! I can really feel that my skin became much more hydrated, all thanks to the multi herbal extract ingredients which moisturize and balance the skin, as well as the anti-inflammatory properties which help heal and soothe dry skin.


It was so good that I brought it along for my winter trip to Korea as it’s very important to keep yourself moisturize especially when you are visiting a cold country.


The mask is rich in Shea Butter, known as the best moisturizing agent, which contains rich Vitamin A, E, F, anti-oxidants, omega-6 and other essential ingredients.

All you need to do is the cleanse your face, remove the mask from the packaging, leave it on for 15 mins and you’re are done with your beauty regime 🙂 You do not have to rinse after using too! For best results, do use it 1-2 times a week.

Dekke Hud Men’s Skincare is available online at with FREE Shipping to U.S.A and Singapore!


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*valid till 17 July 2017

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