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WOOHOOO!!! Aug is coming soon and i’m so looking forward to it as first of all, the first day of AUG is my birthday, and i am going on 2 overseas trips!!! due to my annual ICT, i will be spending my birthday in camp instead, therefore i need to shift my birthday celebrations with my loved ones in advance.

Special thanks to PARK ROYAL ON PICKERING as the venue sponsor for my [RELAJARSE] (read from the pic above for the meaning) birthday party with my BBFs and also TAWIAN BEER for the wondering fruit beer which all of use loved it so much! 😀

SO.. are you ready to check out how much fun we had and the awesome rooms at parkroyal on pickering?!

June was one of the month that im looking forward to as i’m finally flying off once again on a holiday since my last trip in sept last year. Other than that, it’s also the first time i’m heading to Taipei to catch my favourite group S.H.E comeback concert and most importantly with my ambloves! 😀

Taiwan Trip 2013 VIA HOTEL Taipei

In this entry, i’m introducing you VIA HOTEL that we stayed at. It’s a pretty new hotel located in the heart of Xi Men Ding and it’s actually quite good leh! Here’s my room throughout the stay 🙂

I Love Staycation! especially when everything is FREE (other than the money you pay for the room)!!! I’ve been hearing people saying about how great it is to go on a staycation at Quincy Hotel as everything is inclusive in the amount you pay for your room. You get free breakfast, lunch dinner and mini bar too! So we decided to make us of the holiday in may (vesak day) and experience it for ourselves 😀


Was invited by AsiaRooms for a mini gathering party with a few bloggers at Klapsons Hotel last week, whereby we get to mingle ard, play games, massage, manicure and alot more!

Outfit of the day 😉


felt like a VIP that day whereby we boarded a STRETCH LIMO that will be fetching us over to the hotel. DAMN SHIOK !

Thanks to Shn Juay for the invitation to the soft launch of the 1st ever themed-room hostel in Singapore! Totally in love with the whole concept of this boutique hotel. It’s just so Singapore. From the name of the hostel, you can tell. Five Stones is something that the kids in the past loved playing 🙂


Sponsored Review

Was really glad to be invited for a complimentary stay in Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre! with such great offers, how can i miss out my friends? therefore, i invited my friends over too!

you see, we always


Check in to the hotel with wai meng and was greeted by the friendly staff over there! they brought me up to my room and i’m speechless when i entered the room…