Yokoso Japan! Tokyo Day 2 : Asakusa (Kaminarimon, Sensoji Temple), Ueno Street, Harajuku, Shibuya

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Despite sleeping at ard 4am the night before, surprisingly i still managed to wake up at 7am to wash up and prepare for breakfast at 8am! There’s actually 3 different restuarant for you to have your breakfast at with the breakfast coupon and since it’s a really sunny bright day, we decided to have our breakfast at the Manhattan Table, which is located at 25F with a spectacular view of the city! 😀

buffet style breakfast! i LIKE! 😀

and this is the view i’m referring to. NICE RIGHT?!

round 1 🙂

round 2~! rounding up my breakfast with a cup of orange juice and yogurt 😉

alright! I’m ready to start my day 2 in Tokyo after a sumptuous breakfast!

lots and lots of vending machines…

the very confusing metro line !

we will taking the Toei Line to Asakusa whereby we will be visting the famous Kaminarimon and Sensoji Temple.

Since we will be traveling around for the day, we decided to purchase the one day pass for unlimited rides. It’s freaking ex for a single trip ticket. It’s like 160 yen for one stop? which is ard $2 !

loved their transport ticket 😉 it’ll punch a hole on the card after your first usage…

our current location/station is Shinjuku…

Train is coming~ train is coming~~ OK! their sound so MUCH better than ours lor! its some very soothing melody instead of someone singing…

here’s how it looks like in the train!

and as i told you the metro line in tokyo is freaking messy and confusing, we went the wrong direction! luckily we notice it after one stop away~ so we alight and wait for the next train in the opposite direction.

one thing i have to say is that the train station are really CLEAN and quiet.. no one talking loudly over there one lor!

The priority seat. Oh! and all their cabin seats are CUSHIONED! so comfortable!

there’s a slider door to separate the individual cabin 🙂

and here we arrived at.. ermz.. i couldn’t rmb the station name :X

trishaw can be easily found along the area…

and here we are! the Kaminarimon with its significant HUGE Red lantern

arrived at the Sensoji Temple!

a normal practice by the locals to “cleanse” themselves before entering the temple.

praying hard…

i gotten a average one…

ice cream hamburger! mochi and mango flavour.

shopping time!

after spending for like more than an hour plus shopping at the asakusa, which we actually intended to spend 20 mins there, (we sure loved to shop la~) we proceed over to the Ueno street for.. MORE shopping! 😀

this is for one of my bbf, miss panda..

it’s alittle similar to our bugis street but instead of small little packed store, they have their own shop buildings.

basically selling everything over there.

shoes are freaking nice! but im reserving it for my taiwan trip instead 😛

it’s time for lunch! and we decided to have ramen! 😀 you purchase your ramen coupon with the vending machine. super convenient this way. Singapore should try using such concept.

loved their eatery as it’s always so homely and cosy. 🙂

sitting on the table top whereby we’ll get to see how the ramen was prepared…

free flow of ice water…

cooking 6 bowl of ramen at the same time is not a problem for them with this super noodle cooker.

tada! here’s my ramen with pork belly, char siew and my favourite japanese EGG!

Gyoza that william ordered as a side dish…

after lunch, continue SHOPPING! and WEGO is super nice to shop at! bought 3 shirts and accessories there! 😀

its summer over there in japan and its very common to see the gals dressing up in their kimono. moreover its the firework festival that day, so you can see gals and boys wearing their traditional costumes out in the street. super nice!

after bidding goodbye to Ueno street, we went over to harajuku for… SHOPPING! muahahaha~

don’t you think it looks alittle similar to our orchard road?

harajuku is something similar to our haji lane in singapore whereby you can find lots of boutique designer store and the items they are selling are extremely unqiue and nice. the moment u go in, you will go like : “wa! this one very nice! , WA! this one very special!, Wa! i want that! ” etc…

spot us in the mirror 😛

there’s also lots of nice cafe ard that area whereby you can laze your afternoon there with a piece of cake, a cup of coffee and a good book 😉 We went into one for a short break for all the intensive walking! YES! we WALKED alot!

all cakes comes with a glass of iced water. SUPER DUPER tie xin lo!

this is the cafe we went to… can go try their cakes if you are there. It’s NICE!!! 😀

We continued shopping till the skies get darker before moving off to Shibuya for.. yes, more shopping! 😛

This is the well known busy junction in the world (if im not wrong). super duper PACKED!

we went for dinner when we reached there.. YOSHINOYA! 🙂

very different feel from those we saw in singapore.

ordered the set meal which comes with salmon, beef, soup, rice and pickles.

Stir-fried beef which i exchanged with william for his salmon since i don’t take beef. Oh! ya one thing to take note! Yoshinoya in Japan doesn’t sell pork or chicken.. ALL BEEF!

after dinner, we walked ard shibuya but sad to say, most of the major store like shibuya 109, shibuya men, parco etc are closed as it was ard 9 plus to 10 when we are done with dinner. So didn’t managed to shop much over there.

partially also due to our extremely tired legs, so we headed back to hotel to rest slightly earlier (slept at 2am) so that we will have enough energy for the next day as we will be spending our whole day in Yokohama for the Japan Dance Delight Vol.18 😉

Good Night! 😛

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