My LEVI’S #501 Interpretation, My Style, My Way. What’s Yours?

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Tell me what comes to your mind when you hear or see this brand LEVI’S? I’m sure the first thing that came to your mind is denim jeans right? I still remember the first pair of LEVI’S jeans was a birthday gift by my lecturer during my schooling days in NAFA. haha~ at that point of time, i was eyeing on a pair of jeans from LEVI’S and i was really happy when i received it. Till today, i’m still wearing it thought it’s abit too BIG a size for me but what i wanna say is that the jeans are that durable!

LEVI’S came up with the “501® Interpretation” this year to celebrate 140 years of this iconic and original jeans that was well loved among the whole world as it represent individuality and universality, giving you that ultimate expression of personal style!

So what is this “501® Interpretation” campaign all about? LEVI’S would love to welcome all their fans out there to put on a pair of LEVI’S 501® and share the look which best represent your individual 501® style interpretation. As one of the finalists in the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 LEVI’S Best 501 Interpretation Blog, obviously i have to create my own 501 interpretation look as well right?

So i was in store last week and browsing through the range of jeans that they have and i really can’t decide on which to take. Should i take the original classic denim jeans or the new break through non-denim pants that comes in the latest new color, true chino, chalk blue and mineral red. These colors are the first time that the LEVI’S 501® are adapting.


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Marked as the next generation of LEVI’S® 501® jeans, it gives you a tighter silhouette (more sexy), more comfort around the waist and feature slightly larger pockets for our smart phone (example like my galaxy note 2 :P). PERFECT LAH!

SO after much consideration, and since LEVI’S are breaking the tradition for the first time with more vibrant colors, i decided to break away from the norm too! It’s not gonna be the usual blue denim style that you are going to see, but something more vibrant as well!

I’ve created a total of 3 different looks with the same apparels that i’ve picked for my 501 interpretation lookbook!

levis 501 interpretation by darren bloggieI’ve picked a pastel yellow shirt and a graphic print tee to go with my pair of mineral red LEVI’S 501® for a much contrasting colors. I got a pair of white canvas slip-ons from LEVI’S to complete one of the look.

First look that i’ve created is a more rugged look. Having in mind that something i would wear for a travel trip.

levis 501 interpretation by darren bloggie

LEVIS 501 Interpretation by Darren Bloggie

levis 501 interpretation by darren bloggie

The second look is a more semi formal look. Suitable for work or meeting a client. Keeping the accessories to the minimal, buttoning all the way up for a more sleek and clean cut look. After all, the first impression you give your client have to be good right?

levis 501 interpretation by darren bloggie

levis 501 interpretation by darren bloggie

levis 501 interpretation by darren bloggie

The last look that i’ve created, i wanted something more fun and hippy and this portray myself the best haha~ Perfect for school or outings with friends 🙂

levis 501 interpretation by darren bloggie

levis 501 interpretation by darren bloggie

levis 501 interpretation by darren bloggie

Something comfortable, versatile, durable and most importantly something that you will feel proud of to wear. It’s not about how fashionable or how exaggerate that piece of item you wear is. It’s all about how you incorporate it into your personal style as that will strongly represents individuality.

That’s my LEVI’S  501 Interpretation. My Style, My Way. What’s Yours?

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