MAD Bistro & Whisky Lounge along Tanglin Road

Don’t be surprise or felt offended if your friends is asking if you are going MAD or if they suggest to go MAD. They might be referring to The Museum of Art & Design, MAD in short, which was started in 2009 to promote and making art and design accessible to everyone.


Spanning across two levels, you can get to see interesting artworks from various artists and they are all available for you to purchase back should you be interested.







MAD is not only a museum, there is also a cafe bistro at the ground level. Offering a range of tasty bites specially curated for you to enjoy in the midst of the beautiful art pieces and furnishings. With the minimalistic and modern decor, the cafe is an idea venue for your next corporate luncheon or birthday celebration.


Creamy Three Mushroom Soup, $14, served with brioche, drizzled with truffle oil. I quite like the soup as you can taste the mushroom bits and not like those from the cans.


Ham & Cheese Ciabatta, $12. Pan seared ham served with shredded daikon crispy garlic chips and wafu dressings


Gyoza, $12. Homemade pan-fried pork dumplings. We find that the skin can be alittle more crispy.


Buffalo Wings, $16. Fried home-made seasoned wings, tossed in spicy buffalo sauce. The spiciness level was average to me as I didn’t really get to taste the spiciness from the wings, but it may be good for those whom prefer something less spicy.


Foie Gras Tapas, $16. Oven baked foie gras terrine on tortilla served with truffle and cheese.


For the mains, they have the Wagyu Beef Burger, $25. Topped with melted cheese, sunny side up egg which looks so tempting, and drizzled with decadent mushroom sauce. As I do not take beef, Jeff told me that the beef is actually pretty well done. 🙂 Something that beef lover should order and try if you are there.


Crabmeat Fettuccine, $20. Fettuccine tossed with crabmeat in spicy tomato sauce. Generous serving of sauce and crabmeat. Not too bad.


Cha Soba, $14 comes in a nice presentation, but the taste didn’t really surprise us. If you prefer something healthy, this will be a good choice for you.


Meat lovers and go for the Piggy Back, $26. Oven-baked pork ribs, coated in New York style BBQ sauce. Meat was tender and easy to eat.


For desserts, we have the Banana Walnut cake which we find it a little dry.


They do have interesting cakes, like the Yam Cheesecake which we felt that it taste more like the Yam cake (Yu Tou Gao) than a western cheesecake haha~ If you are adventurous, you might want to try this 😛


Ending your meal with a cup of nice cappuccino seems like a good idea 🙂


Overall, the food didn’t taste as bad, but it didn’t taste as impressive either. It’s recommended if you are around the area, or looking for a place with nice environment to enjoy a bottle of wine or just sip a cup of coffee with some food and desserts. 🙂


MAD Museum

10 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247908

Tel: +65 6734 5688
Fax: +65 6734 0688




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