I’m Going On A Trip To Hong Kong with Canon SX 230 HS!

Sponsored Trip By Hong Kong Tourism Board , Canon & omy.sg

Yohoo!!! yes you heard me right, i’m going overseas AGAIN~ By the time you read this i should be in the plane liao… Super excited about it as this time round, i’m having a new travel buddy with me and that will be…….

The Canon Power Shot SX 230 HS!

Took a few test shot after collecting it and i’m pretty impressed with the functions from this camera~ so far, my favorite gotta be the toy camera function. Loved the lomography feel when taken in that mode.


Not much photoshop needed and it’s super time saving when i wanted such photograph effects 😉

Also tried out the fish eye lens effect and it turns out like this…


MUAHAHA~ nice anot?! 😛

There are simply too much to explore from this camera and i can’t wait to fully utilized it for my hong kong trip ! ;D

Alright, before i end my entry, PIAK~ a nice picture for you guys to see! (super thick-skin i know…)


You can follow me on my facebook, twitter, tumblr for updates on my hong kong trip 😉 If i got enough time, i might just blog a entry every night (depends on what time i’m done with my shopping 😛 )

This entry is brought to you by Hong Kong Tourism Board , Canon & omy.sg

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