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Home Cooking: Thai Basil Pork with OmniMeat and Cauliflower Rice

With the rise in overall awareness about meat’s impact on the environment and overall health, having plant-based meat in your meal is getting common and popular among us nowadays. You get to see them served in restaurants and even as a replacement as your fast food meat patties too!

When visiting the supermarkets, you can see a few brands selling plant-based meat, and one of them that caught my attention was the one from OmniMeat from Green Monday Group, the award-winning social venture, sustainability champion and creators of OmniFood.

One unique selling point about OmniMeat is that they are created specifically for Asian diets, such as the OmniMeat Strip, OmniMeat Mince and OmniMeat Luncheon. Made from a unique blend of plant-based proteins that bear a striking resemblance to traditional meat in both flavour and appearance, they offer sustainable and healthier alternatives to meat without comprising on the taste and texture.

Free of cholesterol, no added hormones, antibiotics and MSG, the plant-based substitute is also rich in protein, dietary fibre, potassium and calcium, making it the ultimate guilt-free solution to satisfying meat cravings.

Here’s a recipe for you to try out with the OmniMeat Mince!



The OmniMeat Luncheon, OmniMeat Strips and OmniMince available in all major supermarkets and select online retail platforms, including RedMart.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with OmniMeat.

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