Flying Off to Tokyo In Less Than 10 Hours Time!

Sponsored Trip by F&N Sparkling Drinks

YOOHOOO!!! DREAM COME TRUE ! finally im gonna land my feet on the shopping and fashion paradise, TOKYO in less than 10 hours time!

OK! in your mind you must be thinking, why i keep on going overseas one~! so rich isit? NO, i earn for my trips ok~! This trip is made possible by F&N Sparkling Juice as i’m one of the winner in the “F&N Spread The Groove Blogging Challenge” for the Singapore Dance Delight 2011 held in early March this year!

So together with William, one of the winner in the blog challenge as well, we will be flying over with the winner of The Singapore Dance Delight, JOYCE AND THE BOYS, to Tokyo for the Grand Finals of  Japan Dance Delight 2011~! They will be representing SINGAPORE to compete with the other dance team from around the world!

If you missed their OUTSTANDING performance at the finals in singapore, here’s a clip for you!


and here’s a short interview i had with Terence, one of the dance member in Joyce and the Boys, telling us about the excitement and prepration for the upcoming competition in Tokyo!

“haha yes we are very very excited! we are also really nervous and worried as the standard of JDD is crazy,
but yet again, we are really really blessed and honored to be able to represent our country again in this really huge competition!
we will do our best to do our country and our loved ones proud!
We cant wait to share the stage with all the extremely talented japanese dancers and crew, some of them are friends we met when they came to singapore for the big groove and we cant wait to see them again in japan!!
and yes we are really really excited ! Osaka was so beautiful when we went last year and we are sure tokyo would be amazing as well! we cant wait for it! especially for the ramen and sushi and the never ending supply of cheap calpis drink!”

Aren’t you feeling excited for them? Wanna know more about how are they coping with their practices in japan and get latest updates on the Japan Dance Delight 2011?

FOLLOW ME as both me and william will be bringing you guys DAILY LIVE UDPATES (if nothing goes wrong) from Tokyo, Japan!

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Alright i gotta head to bed soon!! waking up in 5 hours time to the airport~!


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