Enjoy Double the Huat and Richness with BURGER KING’s Chilli Crab Burgers

Our Lunar New Year gatherings may well be smaller this year, but that doesn’t mean your meal needs to be. From today, the King challenges all Singaporeans to reimagine their favourite Lunar New Year traditions – and celebrate it your way. To lead the charge and help fans appreciate that different isn’t all bad, BURGER KING® is unveiling its big new taste with the Ultimate Chilli Crab Double Salmon Burger ($9.50 ala carte) and Chilli Crab Long Chicken Burger ($5.90 ala carte).

Yes, that’s right – this time, the delicately balanced pink salmon patties of the Ultimate Double Salmon Burger will be doused in divinely sweet yet savoury, spicy and supremely satisfying chilli crab sauce. Bursting with flavour you’d expect from Chilli Crab, the thick, velvety sauce is loaded with abundant swirls of egg and fresh cut chillis, topped with crispy lettuce and nestled between a freshly baked sourdough bun – to maximise sauce soak up.

Ultimate Chilli Crab Double Salmon Value Meal
Ultimate Chilli Crab Double Salmon Value Meal / PHOTO: Burger King Singapore

Of course, we all know that the sauce is the best part of any chilli crab dish. That’s why the King is also serving Chilli Crab Fries ($3.20, regular) this Lunar New Year – so you can mop up all that saucy goodness with our golden, crispy fries. Just when you thought life couldn’t get better, fans will be able to buy extra sauce separately. Double the richness and get an a la carte portion of the limited edition Chilli Crab Sauce at just $2.90 per tub, to reimagine your meal and take it to the next level. Or if you just want more sauce on your Chilli Crab Burgers, you can add it on at just $2.

To truly celebrate Lunar New Year your way, BURGER KING® is serving up a number of Starbuys, but with a festive twist. Fans who love traditional sweets will enjoy the Golden Pie ($1.60), filled with smooth mung bean paste and generous bites of fresh coconut – a true union of the beloved Ang Ku Kueh and Kueh Bangkit, all wrapped up in a crispy pie crust.

Huat Huat Box ($6.80) – A true pot of gold complete with two mexican drumlets, a large serving of onion rings and six nuggets. All for good fortune and double the huat this Lunar New Year.

Huat Huat Orange Strawberry Float ($2.80) – Need more sweetness and wealth in your life? Let us take the most auspicious Lunar New Year fruit to a refreshing new level.

All items are available at BURGER KING® restaurants island-wide.

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