CPF OA investment with Endowus – June 2020 performance

Earlier in May, I wrote about my excitement in investing CPF OA with Endowus. I am happy to report that my investment has increased to 3.91%. My capital invest from CPF is 2000SGD a month and at the end of May a total of 6000SGD has been invested with another capital injection coming at the end of June.

The table below shows

The good thing about what is shown is that the performance is net of all fees (Endowus Access Fee after charged and fund-level fees). Endowus announced interesting news on 27 May regarding their launch of low-cost Cash and SRS portfolios with systematic & passive index funds from Vanguard, Dimensional, PIMCO. Sadly this does not include CPF OA investments.

If you are not aware, Dimensional Funds have a good reputation for returns as it follows a simple and repeatable approach that blankets nearly every investable company in the world, including emerging-markets companies. I have been reading up on it but have not acted on getting invested, this will be next on my radar in terms of investment.

If you are interested in starting your CPF investment Journey with Endowus, you can click here and start investing. You will get $20 in Access Fee credit (equivalent to $10,000 advised free, assuming Access Fee of 0.40%).

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