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Sakae Sushi Introduces its New Fusion Menu with over 120 New Selections!

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a food tasting by Sakae Sushi, which is launching a new menu with over 120 new selections! Sakae Sushi’s new menu has a variety of fusion dishes that marry Japanese classics with influences such as Peranakan, Korean, French and Chinese cuisine. We started with appetizers such as: Sakae Zensai Smoked duck wrapped with Japanese cucumber, salmon tataki, and spinach lightly tossed with yuzu dressing. A cold dish to get your appetite going.


Genki Sushi at Chinatown Point

Went for dinner with TK some times ago at chinatown point and as i was having craving for some sushi, we came across this GENKI Sushi which was newly open and decided to have that for dinner. Initially i thought that it’s nothing special but i was a little surprised with the way we were asked to order our sushi! they uses a ipad mini for ordering and the graphics all very cute one leh~ i seriously think they did a really GOOD job in  this! the whole experience was like so WOW~ hahaha~

Chiso Zanmai Japanese Buffet at Central

Was invited for a food tasting session last wednesday (yes i know im kinda slow but bear with me as i’m kinda busy recently 😛 though i managed to escape for a short trip to bali ;P) Chiso Zan Mai buffet restaurant originated from Osaka and they are opening it’s first restuarant outside of Japan here in Singapore! 😀

Buffet Dinner at Momoya Japanese Restuarant

It’s time for food!!!!! Food always makes me feel extremely happy, especially if it’s in a buffet style! since i was having a crave for Japanese cuisine, together with my bbfs, we went for a buffet dinner at momoya japanese restaurant! really nice and cosy ambience 😉 Ala Carte Buffet menu… (for the full list of the menu, you can visit here.) rachel and diana busy deciding on what to order… *WARNING! tons of food pics below * buffet style ma, sure got alot of pics de ma…

D1823 Celebration with BBFs!

After all the rushing and editing, the long awaited Darren 1823 Birthday Celebration entry is here! Spent my actual birthday with my BBFs (Best Buddies Forever) and we simply had so much fun! Thank you soo much for all the surprises prepared for me 😀 We met up at novena mrt station in the afternoon for the Hi-Tea Buffet at Zhou’s Kitchen. It’s rather cheap i would say as we simply ordered alot of yummy food! The buffet is kinda special whereby you don’t get to grab the food you want from the food corner, but you simply just need to remain where you are, tick on the food that you would like to have from the menu and they’ll serve it to you shortly! isn’t it cool? haha~ 😀 Now see how much food we’ve ordered~! The complimentary Steamed Crab Glutinous Rice (for a total of 6 diners and above) Lots of dishes and dim sum … … and dessert for the day, yang zhi gan lu… can you imagine that we actually ate …

When We Get Along… …

Met up with my BBF on saturday and we have lots of fun! days spent with them are always so great and memorable! It will definitely brighten up ur day for sure! Just before i met up with them, i went on a short shopping spree with my aunt at espirit and woo! we spent a total of $200 and more over there.. i got myself a hoodie shirt, and a pair or jeans and socks, and these are birthday present from them 😀 Thanks! Lunch with my aunty and mum before i moved on to meet up with my BBF! We went cineleisure as they’re getting me the fred perry wallet that i posted on my blog as my birthday present 😀 woo.. thank you so much and i simply LOVED it! Then we proceed on to orchard central and it turns out to be a photo taking session over there haha. we found a good spot with good lightings and so, i go ard snapping pic, giving posing directions with my INNOV8 Just …