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Levi’s® X Liberty London Collection

Singapore Blog Awards 2013 LEVI’S Best 501 Interpretation Blog Finalist A MARRIAGE OF ICONIC FITS AND FABRICS LAUNCHES IN SPRING 2013 The Levi’s® brand and Liberty London share a rich history of designing iconic clothing that marries uncompromised craftsmanship and heritage. This is the first time Levi’s is collaborating with Liberty London whereby the Liberty prints are designed exclusively for the new Levi’s® X Liberty London collection. The Liberty fabric design studio created two exclusive prints for the Levi’s® X Liberty London collection. Carlin, which was inspired by a print in the Liberty archive from the 1970s with painterly garden flowers, was redrawn with watercolor pencils and repeated to created a painted, colorful and flowing floral. The design is named after the Levi’s® designer Jenny Carlin who worked on the collection.

Survival Guide for Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013

Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013 Official Blogger If this is the first year you are attending the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013 and is kinda unsure of what to expect and to do, here’s a survival guide that i’ve prepared which might be of good use for you! 😀 Firstly, the most important thing is Transport. Be it driving there or taking the public transport, here’s some things that you need to take note of…

Darren Bloggie brings you Behind-the-Scene of Marina Bay Countdown 2013 Technical Rehearsal!

Marina Bay Countdown 2013 Official Blogger Hello! Marina Bay Countdown 2013, the largest countdown party in singapore is gonna happen soon and for the past few days, the crews are spending their night having their technical rehearsal, just to make sure that the show will be a memorable and fantastic one on 31 decemeber! I was glad and happy to have the opportunity to attend the rehearsal on saturday night which last till past midnight and managed to snap some pics and a short video highlight back for you readers! 😀

Loving You, Loving Marina Bay with OSIM!

Marina Bay Countdown 2013 Official Blogger Hello readers! Anyone missing my marina bay countdown 2013 updates? Was really busy with work and some other adhoc stuff which explains the lack of updates but NO WORRIES! I’m back again! and this time round i’m gonna introduce you to this local brand which i’m sure MOST or even all you know are aware of and its… OSIM is the first local sponsor for this year Marina Bay Countdown Photography Competition 2013 and i think it totally fit into the theme for this year : “Loving You, Loving Marina Bay”. OSIM is all about inspiring well-bring and it cares for every single user of OSIM products. They have a wide range of products from keeping you relieve and relax to tone and shape! 😀 and for your info, i was super excited and happy when they got S.H.E to be one of their ambassador for the uKimono when it was first launched! 😀 Knowing that we needa walk alot covering marina bay countdown event, one good example is …

Wishing Sphere Stations at One Fullerton & Esplanade by Republic Poly & SgCares

Marina Bay Countdown 2013 Official Blogger As a official blogger of the Marina Bay Countdown 2013, i am very jin ze one okay! i try to bring you latest updates and information about the preparation and behind the scenes of the upcoming biggest countdown party in Singapore! I’m not sure if you have the same feeling as me, but whenever i saw those round white balls appearing in shopping malls, i know that the year is coming to an end as those spheres are one of the significant items you see on marina bay during the countdown party! Last weekend, i headed down to the wishing stations located at One Fullerton and brought back some images and a short video interview with the Republic Polytechnics students as this is the first year they are taking part in the Wishing Sphere Projects!

*Waves* Hello! I’m Your Marina Bay Countdown 2013 Official Blogger!

Marina Bay Countdown 2013 Official Blogger *Waves* Hello! Together with the other 4 bloggers (Daddy M, The Cambelles, Daeng Rizam, Deenise Yang and myself ), we are your Marina Bay Countdown 2013 Official Bloggers! 😀 I’m so excited and happy to be one of the official bloggers as you know, i spent almost all my countdown party for the past few years at marina bay (damn die hard supporters okay!) hahaha~ So this year, being one of the official bloggers, i get to know more about the hard work put into the preparations for the biggest party of the year in singapore. can’t wait! 😀

The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine

Sponsored Advertorial Are you a user of the popular Moleskine notebook? If you are, good, if you are not, let me introduce you the new Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine! This is a collaboration between Evernote and Moleskine, whereby you can now organise your online and offline notes all in 1 place! It’s searchable and sharable wherever you are and want! It’s one new innovative and powerful tool, giving you the freedom to capture and create your notes professionally!