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First Crowne Plaza Hotel Opens in Bandung, Indonesia

The first Crowne Plaza in Bandung, Indonesia offers 270 contemporary and upscale guest rooms and a comprehensive range of meetings facilities close to Bandung’s city centre and Central Business District. Nestled in the heart of the city, Crowne Plaza Bandung is less than 30 minutes from Husein Sastranegara International Airport and accessible by major railway lines and the Pasteur Toll Gate, perfect for business travellers who want to minimise transit time and easily commute to and from meetings in the main commercial and business districts. For leisure travellers visiting Bandung, the hotel is a short walk from the city’s famous Braga Street, or Jalan Braga, surrounded by quaint cafes and local bakeries. Guests can also visit the city’s historical sites at Jalan Asia Afrika, shop at the many outlets or catch the rides and shows at the Trans Studio Bandung indoor amusement park just around the corner. Guest rooms and suites offer stunning views of the city. Serveral dining options such as teh Mosaic all-day dining restaurant and Mountain View poolside bar is an ideal …

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Staycation at the Peranakan-inspired Village Hotel Katong

After a S$30 million refurbishment, the former Paramount Hotel and Shopping Centre was rebranded Village Hotel Katong when Far East Hospitality took over operation in mid-February 2012. Was really excited and happy to go on a staycation there, somewhere out of the usual in a neighbourhood area. The 229-room Village Hotel Katong reflects the strong Peranakan heritage of the surrounding Katong and Joo Chiat district in Singapore which i personally quite like it ;) Was given a Club Room which is really spacious yet cosy enough.

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3D2N in Penang : Straits Quay Plaza & The Ship Restuarant

Upon checking in to our wonderful hotel at Four Points by Sheraton and with the recommendation from the friendly staff, we took a cab arranged by the hotel to Straits Quay which is located not far from the hotel, approx. 10 mins drive to have our lunch. We settled down for lunch at PappaRich as it’s the only restaurant open with local food. Most of the restaurants there are selling western food, more like a chillax place with beer and wine.

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[RELAJARSE] Birthday Celebration at Park Royal on Pickering Junior Suite

WOOHOOO!!! Aug is coming soon and i’m so looking forward to it as first of all, the first day of AUG is my birthday, and i am going on 2 overseas trips!!! due to my annual ICT, i will be spending my birthday in camp instead, therefore i need to shift my birthday celebrations with my loved ones in advance. Special thanks to PARK ROYAL ON PICKERING as the venue sponsor for my [RELAJARSE] (read from the pic above for the meaning) birthday party with my BBFs and also TAWIAN BEER for the wondering fruit beer which all of use loved it so much! :D SO.. are you ready to check out how much fun we had and the awesome rooms at parkroyal on pickering?!

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[台北演唱会初体验Concert in Taipei!] 住宿篇: 丰居旅店Via Hotel

June was one of the month that im looking forward to as i’m finally flying off once again on a holiday since my last trip in sept last year. Other than that, it’s also the first time i’m heading to Taipei to catch my favourite group S.H.E comeback concert and most importantly with my ambloves! :D In this entry, i’m introducing you VIA HOTEL that we stayed at. It’s a pretty new hotel located in the heart of Xi Men Ding and it’s actually quite good leh! Here’s my room throughout the stay :)

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Live it Loud, Live it Happy

Advertorial I was having dinner with a few friends the other day and one of them asked me : “Hey! You seems to be leading a very happening lifestyle hor~ see you always eat good food, go travel, go for staycations and all. How do you manage to stay so positive ah? You seem so stress-free!” Hahaha~ I burst out laughing after hearing his question. Come on, seriously, who can stay positive and stress-free all the time? Every single one of us will have ups and downs in our lives, but it’s about how you manage it. In order to cope, some people resort to clubbing, drinking, or even worse, take DRUGS! The 2 most common drugs that people take are Ice and Heroin. I seriously have no idea what it gives you by taking them. Maybe it will make you feel happy, excited and worry free? Maybe after taking these drugs, all your problems will be solved, all your worries will be gone and you will lead a happier life? NO! These drugs cannot …

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“Everything is FREE” Staycation at The Quincy Hotel!

I Love Staycation! especially when everything is FREE (other than the money you pay for the room)!!! I’ve been hearing people saying about how great it is to go on a staycation at Quincy Hotel as everything is inclusive in the amount you pay for your room. You get free breakfast, lunch dinner and mini bar too! So we decided to make us of the holiday in may (vesak day) and experience it for ourselves :D

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Staycation At 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay. A Hostel or A Hotel?

Sponsored Review What do you look for when coming to accommodation during your travel trips? I am sure most people goes for hotels right? Hotels can be rather pricey at times and if you are travelling alone or with a partner and would like to look for another alternative at a cheaper price, i guess a hostel will be good for you. Usually the first impression of a hostel will be very budget, very run down, not well maintained, have to share rooms with others etc, which is true as i have that impression too when it comes to hostel. BUT! after i went for my staycation at 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay, im quite impressed and that totally change my impression of a hostel.

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3D2N Equarius Hotel Staycation : Chillax by the Pool

Coming to the last entry of my 3D2N Staycation at Equarius Hotel. Read my Part 01 and 02 and check out how much fun we had with the facilities in the hotel and Universal Studios Singapore~! For our last day at the hotel, after breakfast, we rest for a while in the room before heading down to the pool again to enjoy the sun, the water, the last few hours of our stay.

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3D2N Equarius Hotel Staycation : Universal Studios Singapore!!!

Following on my day 1 at equarius hotel, today is the day that all of us are super excited about as we are heading to Universal Studios Singapore!!! finally like a dream come true for me as i always wanted to visit the theme park because one of the ride that i wanna go on is the Jurassic park water raft ride. You may not know this but i’m actually quite a big fan of jurassic park ahahaha~ one of the best movies that i will not get tired watching again and again. Okay enough said, here’s a pic that i took when i woke up in the morning from our balcony ;) CHIO right?!

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Celebrating National Day 2012 at Gardens By The Bay!

Special thanks to Gardens by the bay for the invitation, i finally managed to visit this beautiful garden located just right behind marina bay sands! was there early to go on a tour around gardens by the bay as most of the other gardens by the bay official bloggers had already went for their tour. Was to busy and didn’t get to attend for the past few events, so this time round, no matter what i must definitely go for it! It’s really a very good location for taking photos! everything seems soo surreal!

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Party Like A Kpop Star Birthday Party with BBFs

I’ve always wanted to hold a mini party in a nice hotel room with my loved ones the past few years, but due to budget constraint, i didn’t manage to do so. Finally this year i can have one party held in a hotel room! :D something im looking forward to and pretty excited about ;) Theme for the party was decided ard 2 months ago, which is “Party Like A Kpop Star” and in order to fit into this theme, i decided to book a room at Hard Rock Hotel ;) totally fit into the theme right? Right after deciding on the venue, we need some food to go along right? SO~~ i catered PERKIES for the party since all my friends loved it! :D *ps: we’ve been craving for it ever since the last time we tried it a few months ago~ Alright! So we have everything settled, the day for the party finally arrived!

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4D3N Bangkok Shopping Spree with!

Sponsored Trip by Yea yea yea~ i’m back from bangkok and here i am sharing my 4D3N Bangkok Shopping Spree with you guys now! Fast anot?! haha. I’m gonna consolidate the full trip into one entry instead of splitting them up into different days. Special thanks to, which provide the best travel deals in singapore,  both Calvintimo and I got to go for a 4D3N Shopping Spree trip in Bangkok! Read this on how we got such awesome deals! :D At the airport checking in our luggage ;)

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STAY TOGETHER with Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre!

Sponsored Review Was really glad to be invited for a complimentary stay in Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre! with such great offers, how can i miss out my friends? therefore, i invited my friends over too! you see, we always STAY TOGETHER! Check in to the hotel with wai meng and was greeted by the friendly staff over there! they brought me up to my room and i’m speechless when i entered the room…

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