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Upon checking in to our wonderful hotel at Four Points by Sheraton and with the recommendation from the friendly staff, we took a cab arranged by the hotel to Straits Quay which is located not far from the hotel, approx. 10 mins drive to have our lunch.

3D2N in Penang : Straits Quay Plaza & The Ship Restuarant

We settled down for lunch at PappaRich as it’s the only restaurant open with local food. Most of the restaurants there are selling western food, more like a chillax place with beer and wine.

WOOHOOO!!! Aug is coming soon and i'm so looking forward to it as first of all, the first day of


June was one of the month that im looking forward to as i’m finally flying off once again on a holiday since my last trip in sept last year. Other than that, it’s also the first time i’m heading to Taipei to catch my favourite group S.H.E comeback concert and most importantly with my ambloves! 😀

Taiwan Trip 2013 VIA HOTEL Taipei

In this entry, i’m introducing you VIA HOTEL that we stayed at. It’s a pretty new hotel located in the heart of Xi Men Ding and it’s actually quite good leh! Here’s my room throughout the stay 🙂


I was having dinner with a few friends the other day and one of them asked me : “Hey! You seems to be leading a very happening lifestyle hor~ see you always eat good food, go travel, go for staycations and all. How do you manage to stay so positive ah? You seem so stress-free!” Hahaha~ I burst out laughing after hearing his question.

Come on, seriously, who can stay positive and stress-free all the time? Every single one of us will have ups and downs in our lives, but it’s about how you manage it. In order to cope, some people resort to clubbing, drinking, or even worse, take DRUGS!

The 2 most common drugs that people take are Ice and Heroin. I seriously have no idea what it gives you by taking them. Maybe it will make you feel happy, excited and worry free? Maybe after taking these drugs, all your problems will be solved, all your worries will be gone and you will lead a happier life? NO! These drugs cannot do that. All the happy sensations you get are not permanent! After the initial ‘high’. All you are left with are the negative effects which will only harm your body!

Like :

Lowered heart rate and respiration
Damage to lungs, kidneys and liver
Dull feeling and tiredness
Difficulty in concentrating
Increased heart rate and body temperature
Fits, stroke and death
Damage to heart and nerves
Liver and kidney diseases
Abnormal behaviour with mood swings, confusion, delusion and hallucination
Anxiety and irritability

So you tell me, what benefit will taking drugs give you leh?! NOTHING! So please, stay away from drugs. It will not do you any good! Rather than spending your money on things that will harm you, why not spend it on something that can make you happy, and at the same time good for you? Let me show you how I do it! 🙂


Hey! Say NO to Drugs! Stay Positive and Live Healthy!

I Love Staycation! especially when everything is FREE (other than the money you pay for the room)!!! I've been hearing


Sponsored Review What do you look for when coming to accommodation during your travel trips? I am sure most people goes


Coming to the last entry of my 3D2N Staycation at Equarius Hotel. Read my Part 01 and 02 and check out


Following on my day 1 at equarius hotel, today is the day that all of us are super excited about