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Without the intro by Mr C, I might not know about this gem hidden in the neighbourhood of Kovan. Located at Simon Road, just a few mins walk away from Kovan MRT station, Lola’s Cafe served decent food with mains not more than $20.


Went for dinner with TK some times ago at chinatown point and as i was having craving for some sushi, we came across this GENKI Sushi which was newly open and decided to have that for dinner. Initially i thought that it’s nothing special but i was a little surprised with the way we were asked to order our sushi!


they uses a ipad mini for ordering and the graphics all very cute one leh~ i seriously think they did a really GOOD job in  this! the whole experience was like so WOW~ hahaha~


I’ve heard about reviews of this place but i’ve yet to visit as i don’t drive and it’s quite inaccessible in some ways. But luckily i managed to visit this place on a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago as this friend of mine, i shall call him KT, drives 😉

Really love the ambient of the restaurant as they are set up with very vintage and retro looking items. At the first glance, you would thought that they are selling vintage furniture instead of food hahaha~

Visiting a nice chillax cafe on a weekend afternoon is what i always look forward to and im happy to have found this cafe located at Jalan Riang, Serangoon (on the same stretch as the cajun kings) which is well known for its waffles and root beer cake, Wimbly Lu 🙂 sounds like a person’s name hor~

 photo 20130316_161908_zpsa51bdff3.jpg


A friend of mine brought me to this place which i didn’t know it exist, filled with nice restaurants and cafes along serangoon. Place wasn’t really accessible so it’s a bonus if u drives, but nothing gonna stop us from exploring this place! You can actually take a train to serangoon station and exit from exit F and walk a distance there. I’ve attached the map for ur reference lah~ got gan dong anot?

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Finally after missing so many fun filled activies organized for the Community Games 2013 bloggers, i managed to schedule time for this makan session held at thai express, bugis+

Thai food has been one of my favourite cuisine as i love the spiciness and the herbs they used in their food so i was really looking forward to this food tasting session and at the same time to finally meet some of the CG2013 bloggers!

Company chinese new year lunch was settled at the newly renovated shopping mall, Chinatown Point which is now SO MUCH better than the best, with new restaurants and new shops! We decided to try out this teahouse which is supposed to be well known in hong kong and heard that the review of their food was pretty good. 🙂


Singapore Blog Awards 2012 (G-market Best Shopping Blog) Welcome to Darren Bloggie Cooking Class, conducted by Chef Darren Ang! :D 学生们请掌声鼓励鼓励~


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HAHA~! my title for this entry sounds like some variety show sponsored by CP. but it’s true la, though not a show, but i was given a few items from CP to review on!

Was kinda lazy to head out for lunch on one of the afternoon and luckily, there’s CP in my fridge! so i decided to have SHRIMP WONTON IN TOMYUM SOUP for lunch! 😀

After watching this year ndp2011, i think overall not that bad la.. but i dunno why they included songs from wonder girls and justin bieber.. but luckily there didn’t change the lyrics. imagine another fun pack song, i will faint lo~

seriously every year, what i look forward to is the NDP songs! to me, it’s something very important and it’s like the spirit to the whole NDP celebration theme.

“HOME” by kit chan is the best NDP song ever and im sure everyone knows about it right?

and other than this, my next favourite one will be