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Brunches Cafe – Chic Vintage Themed Bakery Café along Rangoon Road

Located within 5 mins walk from Farrer Park MRT station along Rangoon Road, there is this chic vintage themed cafe where you will get to find a mini cooper inside. Yes, don’t be surprised if I tell you that can sit on it while you enjoy your cup of cappuccino or savouring the yummy pasta for dinner. Brunches Cafe serves all-day breakfast, gourmet sandwiches, waffles, and your favourite beverages. Bakery and pastries are freshly made daily in the kitchen with no preservatives used which makes their High-tea sets limited. Cafe is nicely decorated with vintage furniture under a cosy ambience setting. You can choose to purchase them if you want and there are retail corners featuring genuine vintage collectables too. Here’s the signature Coffee on the Rock $6.50 with a nice presentation. What you need to do is to pour the milk into the glass cup where there is a coffee ice cube in it. As you pour the milk into it, it will slowly melt and you’ll have a cup of iced coffee. Option to …


A.E.I.O.U – Vintage Cafe along King George's Avenue

A.E.I.O.U – Does this sound familiar to you? I’m sure most of us learnt these as the vowels of the alphabets as a child. Just like what the cafe hope to achieve, going back to basic where the theme centers on a lifestyle of green conscious living. A space for one to enjoy life’s simplicity, consume goodly and appreciate nature. A.E.I.O.U is a vintage cafe located along King George’s Avenue where it combines food and lifestyle into one. This vintage looking cafe is housed in this shop house that was built in the mid 70s where it used to be an antique shop. You can still see the old signage there. The cafe is divided into two section. When you first enter the cafe, on your right, you will get to see a range of lifestyle products available on sale. On the left is where the counter sits, displaying desserts which looks good and tempting. Overall ambience of the cafe was good though you might feel that you’ve walked into a karang guni house as most …


Le Kue Cafe- Classic French and Asian Heritage Desserts along Haji Lane

Sponsored Review As all of us know, Singapore is a country filled with a unique food heritage and we all love to eat. At Le Kue, they uses genuine French techniques to go beyond traditional tastes and memories without transgressing them. Le Kue is located along Haji Lane and the desserts displayed is good enough to make you walk in and take a closer look at it. Yes, it’s that attractive As I was waiting for my hair appointment, which is on the same stretch of Haji lane, and I was early, I popped by the cafe to stay away from the heat. However, instead of taking the seats indoor, which is fully air-conditioned, I decided to take the outdoor seat for some people watching as well as enjoying the vibe in the area. I was glad that I made that decision As usual, I ordered my favourite latte and it comes in a interesting glass. One of the latest plated dessert, Le Kue Bread Butter Pudding, with vanilla sauce, raspberry coulis, raspbery purée, mixed …

Tian Kee & Cocopy

A Weekend in the Dakota Neighbourhood

Because of the SEA Games’ Nila Run sometime ago, my friend and I headed to Kallang to collect our race packs. We ended up looking for nearby cafes to explore as well. First on our list was the Instagram-famous Tian Kee & Co., followed by the lesser known Brawn & Brains on Guillemard Road. Tian Kee & Co. Converted from an old provision shop, Tian Kee & Co. is located in a quiet corner of Dakota Crescent. Despite the sweltering heat, there were many people there on the day we went. We ordered the rainbow cheesecake, two lattes and a “Half Day Breakfast” to share. Coffee was decent, but what I really love was the rainbow cheesecake. It was light, not gelak like how dense cheesecakes can be. This is their signature dessert. If you head to the café in hot weather, I’ll advise you to eat the rainbow cake fast because it melts into a puddle when it gets warmer! The Half Day Breakfast could be better, though. Both the potatoes and egg weren’t …


Oberstrasse at Kitchener Complex

Kitchener complex is located just right behind V Hotel at Lavender and it’s only less than 5 mins walking distance from Lavender MRT station. When I visited the place, it’s rather new as there are still a few shops undergoing renovation (but im sure it’s all ready by now). Located at the ground floor of Kitchener complex is where you can find Oberstrasse, a cafe which serves breakfast, lunch and sometime dinner. Do check their facebook on opening hours before paying a visit. Love the modern rustic ambience and the open kitchen concept as well! We ordered Luncheon Fries, $5.50 as our sides and it taste really good with the chili sauce. For mains, we have Grilled Chicken Chop with Baked Potatoes, $9.50. Whole chicken thigh nicely grilled and topped with caramelized onions and served with cajun baked potatoes and mesclun salad as sides. Chicken was average and I was hoping that it can be more juicy. We also tried the Aglio Olio, $9.50 and it taste not too bad. Garlic taste can be stronger though …


GastroSmiths, so far the Best Food served in the Cafe

Gastrosmiths was known as The Humble Loaf, which used to be located at B1 of Katong Shopping Centre which i didn’t visit before. Previously serving mainly simple sandwiches, cakes and coffee, Gastrosmiths is currently located along Beach Road and Tan Quee Lan St, serving dishes and desserts with a slant towards French, Italian and Japanese influences. I guess it’s one of the longest time we spent browsing through the menu, though there’s only one A4 page, but every single item on the menu looks soo damn good! We’re really having a hard time deciding on which to order. SO, we grab hold of the super friendly, and cute waiter for his recommendation. I must say, I love his recommendation as they’re all so good! while waiting for the food, let me take a selfie 😛 This is one really unique mains that we had for the night. Thick flaky cod that has been cooked lightly in chilli oil, fried misua cooked in dashi stock and tossed in homemade kimich puree and finished with sweet mirin. …

carvers & Co cafe along east coast road katong

Carvers & Co along East Coast Road

Looks like Katong is getting more and more vibrant nowadays with cafes, pubs, massage parlour, shopping malls and hotel. One of the cafe that caught my attention got to be Carvers & Co. They served different menus on weekdays and weekends for both lunch and dinner. So there’s something different whenever you visit the cafe on different days 😉 Menus are pasted onto old books which is a good way to recycle them. Deep fried sweet potato chips which can get so addictive… Anchovy Pasta Beer battered fish and chips Dark chocolate tart served with ginger nut and fresh cream which I think is really good 😉 Not forgetting to order a cup of latte brewed with beans from Common Man Coffee Roasters. Or you can choose to grab a bottle of beer to go with the roast meats, their signatures. Carvers & Co is a cosy-bistro cafe, with the intention of encouraging parties and groups of people to connect over hearty meals and comfort food. So probably you might want to try this place for your next …


New Found Gem – The Alley Cafe

Was looking for new cafes to visit few weeks ago with my colleague/gym fren and we found this new cafe along Keong Siak Street. The Alley Cafe. As we brought our laptop along, intending to clear my blog post while she intend to do research on her upcoming trip, we’re extremely happy when we got to know that they provide FREE WIFI !


Three Years in a Balloon

A few weeks ago, when my friends and I drove past Upper Paya Lebar Road, I caught sight of a yellow signboard with the words “Three Years in a Balloon” outside a shophouse. Being a sucker for cafes, I was excited and googled about it. I found out that it was a newly opened café, operated by the same people behind Wimbly Lu. Three Years in a Balloon specialises mainly in desserts such as cakes, waffles and ice cream. I also found out that it was only open on weekdays until 7.30pm. I don’t get home before 10pm usually (the café was near my home) so there was no way I could make it after work. Still, the hipster in me wanted to try the café – try it before everyone knows about it! – so I made up my mind to find a free afternoon to visit it. So here I am!


Whale & Cloud – Many will seek but not all shall find

I guess this cafe is one of the most secretive cafe that i’ve ever know. Just like what my title says, many will seek but not all shall find. Phew~ we are the lucky ones to find it It’s located along Niven Road but you will not be able to see any store front nor a big sign saying CAFE HERE. Here’s a hint to you, there’s this blue door located along this stretch where you will need to knock on it. Locating this door isn’t hard but getting into this blue door, you might need some luck. If someone opens the door for you, you’re lucky today. If not, then sorry, you will have to come back again another day as seats in there are really limited.