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One of the main objective or the places that i wanted to visit for this Penang trip of mine was the infamous Street Art located around Georgetown 😉

All these beautifully executed wall paints and murals at selected streets of George Town, Penang was by this young Lithuania-born artist, Ernest Zacharevic.



The second day of the trip, we booked the cab driver from the hotel for a half day tour around Penang. It’s so much convenient and you don’t have to worry about how to travel from one place to the other. The whole tour lasted for about 6 hours and we started off at 9am in the morning, with the temples as our first destination.


Pastries from Pao Chuan
宝泉 (Pao Chuan)

The Small and Medium Enterprise Association (SMEA) under Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs is organizing a Taiwan Fair in Singapore for the first time to showcase the best products.

Based on the theme of “Tea Time in Taiwan”, the SMEA has selected top quality food, tea and ceramics makers to participate at this Fair. The production and quality of Taiwan products are a reflection of our local customs and cultural diversity. As such, through this Fair, we hope that Singaporeans can understand and appreciate Taiwan’s cultural heritage, our values and our lives as they enjoy the various teas, confectionery and ceramics at this event.

Its always good to go for a short getaway, away from work and I need one to BREATHE and relax myself. An impromptu decision was made at a cafe some time back and since there’s a nice hotel with good promo and cheap tickets from air asia, we booked this trip, immediately.

3D2N in Penang : Four Points by Sheraton

Cafe Hopping Time! There’s something special about this cafe that we’ve visited a few weeks ago. It’s a simple cafe with very simple decor and seriously, if i were to walk pass the cafe, i wouldn’t have notice it. From the exterior, it looks like a warehouse to me. I even have difficulty locating the door to enter lor! hahaha~



I was kinda sad when i know that RIVER ISLAND closes down at ION as it’s one of my favourite fashion apparels brand which i visit frequently to shop and to get fashion styling tips and inspiration. I still remember working on a collaboration with them when they were still around.

BUT!! woohoo~~~ I’m so happy that RIVER ISLAND is back in Singapore once again and thanks to ZALORA for bringing them back here! Now i can even do shopping wherever and whenever i want on the go with the ZALORA mobile app too! AWESOME!

Let’s check out what they have in-“online”store!



Finally after so long, i’ve managed to get these images done and up here. It’s been 2 months and i’m sure the memories i had with my colleagues will always be with me. This phuket trip marks the last overseas trip i’ll have with my previous company.

Now. enough said, enjoy the photos!

Tamoya Udon is located at the basement of chinatown point, very near to the escalator and entrance of Uniqlo. Was looking for a place to have my dinner with mr c a few months ago, yes too busy to blog lately! :X and he told me that he tried this when he was in Japan before and would like to see how it fair here in Singapore.

Just a brief intro, Tamoya was established in the home on udon, Sanuki (now known as Kagawa) prefecture in 1996 by Sanuki udon champion, Tamotsu Kurokawa

Here’s how to go about ordering your food.

First you choose the type of udon that you want. Personally i prefer the Kake.