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IHG Offers Guests Up to 30% Off Rooms Across All Hotels in Asia, Middle East and Africa

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has announced an exciting new advanced booking promotion across all its 251 hotels in the Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) region, from beachfront InterContinental resorts to city-centre Holiday Inn Express hotels. From now until 1 September, guests can enjoy up to 30% off on bookings purchased in advance for stays from 1 June to 4 September 2015. IHG® Rewards Club members enjoy a further reward of an additional 5% off – meaning a possible discount of up to 35% – as well as their usual membership perks such as free internet, when booking during this period. IHG Rewards Club, the industry’s first and largest hotel rewards programme, with nearly 86 million members, is free and guests can join at, by downloading the IHG® app or by inquiring at the front desk of any of IHG’s more than 4,800 hotels worldwide. The programme offers industry-leading benefits, including free internet for members across IHG’s family of trusted hotel brands. Guests are always guaranteed the lowest price when they book directly with IHG, or …

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3D2N in Penang : Half Day Tour in Penang to Temples, War Museum & Penang Hill

The second day of the trip, we booked the cab driver from the hotel for a half day tour around Penang. It’s so much convenient and you don’t have to worry about how to travel from one place to the other. The whole tour lasted for about 6 hours and we started off at 9am in the morning, with the temples as our first destination.

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[News] “臺灣甘甜生活 Tea Time in Taiwan” Taiwan Fair at Takashimaya Singapore

The Small and Medium Enterprise Association (SMEA) under Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs is organizing a Taiwan Fair in Singapore for the first time to showcase the best products. Based on the theme of “Tea Time in Taiwan”, the SMEA has selected top quality food, tea and ceramics makers to participate at this Fair. The production and quality of Taiwan products are a reflection of our local customs and cultural diversity. As such, through this Fair, we hope that Singaporeans can understand and appreciate Taiwan’s cultural heritage, our values and our lives as they enjoy the various teas, confectionery and ceramics at this event.

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The Bravery Cafe

Cafe Hopping Time! There’s something special about this cafe that we’ve visited a few weeks ago. It’s a simple cafe with very simple decor and seriously, if i were to walk pass the cafe, i wouldn’t have notice it. From the exterior, it looks like a warehouse to me. I even have difficulty locating the door to enter lor! hahaha~

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RIVER ISLAND is back in Singapore on ZALORA!

Advertorial I was kinda sad when i know that RIVER ISLAND closes down at ION as it’s one of my favourite fashion apparels brand which i visit frequently to shop and to get fashion styling tips and inspiration. I still remember working on a collaboration with them when they were still around. BUT!! woohoo~~~ I’m so happy that RIVER ISLAND is back in Singapore once again and thanks to ZALORA for bringing them back here! Now i can even do shopping wherever and whenever i want on the go with the ZALORA mobile app too! AWESOME! Let’s check out what they have in-“online”store!

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Tamoya Udon at Chinatown Point

Tamoya Udon is located at the basement of chinatown point, very near to the escalator and entrance of Uniqlo. Was looking for a place to have my dinner with mr c a few months ago, yes too busy to blog lately! :X and he told me that he tried this when he was in Japan before and would like to see how it fair here in Singapore. Just a brief intro, Tamoya was established in the home on udon, Sanuki (now known as Kagawa) prefecture in 1996 by Sanuki udon champion, Tamotsu Kurokawa Here’s how to go about ordering your food. First you choose the type of udon that you want. Personally i prefer the Kake.

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I want to be a millionaire because of iProperty!

Advertorial Have you ever thought of this? What would you do if you are a millionaire? I would love to travel all i want with that money, buy things that i’ve always wanted to get, give my friend and loved ones a well deserved treats and lastly donate some for the charity. BUT hor.. i notice that there is nothing that i can keep or see physically leh~ SO… i think buying a property will be a GOOD idea right?! and the best option to get will be…. A CONDO!!!

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[台北演唱会初体验CONCERT IN TAIPEI!] 美食篇: StayReal Cafe @ 东区

[台北演唱会初体验CONCERT IN TAIPEI!] series is coming to an end, and in case if you are wondering why you don’t see any concert related entries in this series, no worry as i will be posting them up soon. Stay Real cafe is located in dong qu where there’s alot of nice boutique shops which is very similar to our haji lane here in singapore. You might be able to find cheap deals but at the same time, you might be leave empty handed too haha~

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[台北演唱会初体验CONCERT IN TAIPEI!] 美食篇: 鼎泰丰Ding Tai Fung

鼎泰丰Ding Tai Fung, where everyone go for their infamous Xiao Long Bao, originated from Taiwan and since i’m there, and upon hearing from friends on how good it is in taiwan, we decided to try it there! The outlet we visited is located at Tien Mu SOGO and initially i thought it wouldn’t be crowded since its a weekend morning at 11am, but was surprise that the queue is super long lor!

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[台北演唱会初体验Concert in Taipei!] 美食篇: 永和豆漿 Yong He Breakfast Shop/八方雲集 Gyoza

Not sure if you have the same feeling as me, i noticed that there isn’t alot of places that you can go to for breakfast in taipei, or probably at ximending (maybe there are other nice places for breakfast but yet to explore them out), 永和豆漿 Yong He Breakfast Shop is one that i will always go to whenever i visit taipei :)

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[台北演唱会初体验Concert in Taipei!] 住宿篇: 丰居旅店Via Hotel

June was one of the month that im looking forward to as i’m finally flying off once again on a holiday since my last trip in sept last year. Other than that, it’s also the first time i’m heading to Taipei to catch my favourite group S.H.E comeback concert and most importantly with my ambloves! :D In this entry, i’m introducing you VIA HOTEL that we stayed at. It’s a pretty new hotel located in the heart of Xi Men Ding and it’s actually quite good leh! Here’s my room throughout the stay :)

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A Visit to TCS, The Coastal Settlement

I’ve heard about reviews of this place but i’ve yet to visit as i don’t drive and it’s quite inaccessible in some ways. But luckily i managed to visit this place on a Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago as this friend of mine, i shall call him KT, drives ;) Really love the ambient of the restaurant as they are set up with very vintage and retro looking items. At the first glance, you would thought that they are selling vintage furniture instead of food hahaha~

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Aaron Yan 炎亞綸 The Moment 簽唱會 Autograph Session at Plaza Singapura + GIVEAWAY!

After attending Aaron Yan 炎亞綸The Moment 音樂派對 Music Party, go read if you’ve not, i went for the autograph session the following day (partially also because we needa help out in the event) and here’s some pictures and videos that i’ve taken for you fans out there! :P The anticipating crowd which’ve been queuing up since morning under the killer sun… It’s SOO freaking hot and sunny that day~!!

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Aaron Yan 炎亞綸 The Moment 音樂派對 Music Party

Special thanks to HIM Music, i got invited to the Aaron Yan 炎亞綸 [The Moment] 音樂派對 Music Party and manged to hold a giveaway for you readers, whom are a fan of aaron yan as well to attend this party ;) The queue to the entrance of the was pretty long which extended all the way till the overhead bridge linking vivocity to st james power station. The moment i arrived, quickly collected my pass before looking for a spot to set up my tripod and stuff..

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A New Interactive Consumer Experience At Asia’s First Samsung Mobile PIN in Singapore!

Was invited for a new interactive consumer experience at Asia’s First Samsung Mobile Pin in Singapore last week and at the same time to meet Olivia Ong, Samsung Galaxy Note II Ambassador as she share with us more about her Wonderland Project and SKarf, upcoming Korean girl group which includes Ferlyn and Tasha from Singapore! Samsung Mobile PIN is a premium consumer experience space that challenge consumers to discover and re-think how we can use technology to enable us to live in a world without barriers or walls.

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Welcoming 2013 at Marina Bay Singapore Countdown Party!

Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013 Official Blogger Happy New Year fellow readers! :D how did you spend you last hour of 2012? Gathering with friends, family, loved ones at home or party all night long at the various parties happening at different areas of Singapore? I spent mine with my group of amblove at Marina Bay! (obviously right? since i’m one of the official blogger lolx!)

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Survival Guide for Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013

Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013 Official Blogger If this is the first year you are attending the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013 and is kinda unsure of what to expect and to do, here’s a survival guide that i’ve prepared which might be of good use for you! :D Firstly, the most important thing is Transport. Be it driving there or taking the public transport, here’s some things that you need to take note of…

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