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My Super SHORT Hair with Ombre Dye!

So, the part which i hate the most about ICT is haircut. I did all my best to obey the rules and regulation for the correct haircut but in the end… still fail 🙁 You know what the barber told me? the haircut that i’ve gotten when i went for my ICT was ACCEPTABLE at all reservist camps except the one i went to. They are EXTREMELY particular about haircut.

So right after i book out from my ICT, the first place i headed down to is 99 Percent Hair Studio! I’m sure they can help to save my hair!!! 🙂

After listening to what Jeron, my hairstylist for the day, explaining and suggesting me what he will be doing to my hair, i’m pretty worried about it. As my hair is already SHORT, he is going to cut it EVEN SHORTER! usually i don’t find myself looking good with short hair de leh~

A pic after the hair cut..

Time to add in some hair color!!! Surprisingly my short hair can have a ombre dye as well! 😀 now something to look forward to!

and this is how it looks like after the ombre dye. can’t really tell right?

but after some blow drying and styling.. it looks like this!

a closer look… the tip of my hair is actually lighter in color. 😉

the back….

Peronally im actually quite surprised and happy with the results. the only time i dun feel that awkward in short hair hahaha~! So what you think? Do i look good in this super short hair? Quite a few of my friends told me that it look similar to one of the members from Big Bang. Lolx!

99 Percent Hair Studio is located at
40 Haji Lane #01-01, Singapore 189233
Operation Hours : 11:00 am – 8:30 pm
Call (+65 6396 3667) to book an appointment today!

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Darren Ang

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