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Herbal Hair & Scalp Treatment with Yun Nam Hair Care

Herbal Hair & Scalp Treatment with Yun Nam Hair Care

Living in a country like Singapore, which is usually hot and humid, tends to give us oily skin and hair scalp. If you are experiencing symptoms such as slight discomfort and itches on your hair, please do not overlook it as these are actually the very first symptoms that may lead to hair loss!

Going for regular scalp scan and analysis will help you to see the actually condition of our hair scalp so that you can protect and prevent hair loss at an earlier stage. Recently, I got a chance to get my analysis done with Yun Nam Hair Care.

Yun Nam Hair Care is a homegrown brand, in case you are not aware, established in 1984 to provide exquisite Chinese herbs and hair growth solution to help improve hair health. It is well known in help both men and women in Singapore with hair and scalp problems such as dandruff, oily scalp, hair loss and balding problems.

There is a total of 9 outlets in Singapore and I got to visit the one located at Plaza Singapura for my treatment.


Surprisingly, it’s actually quite spacious in there. This is just a part of the interior.


Let’s begin with our scalp analysis with my friendly consultant, Michelle 😉


Having very common problems that most of us faced, such as hair loss and oily scalp, Michelle recommended me a treatment package that best helps to improve the problems.


Introducing you the Yun Nam Hair Care’s herbal remedy which helps to increases hair thickness, nourishes hair from root to tip as well as relieves itchy scalp and irritation.

Six main Chinese herbs are used and they are mainly Ginseng, Dang-Gui, He Shou Wu, Hong Hua, Dang Shen and Chuang Xiong.


These will be applied on to your hair, followed by a quick massage and a 20 mins steam session so that the scalp can absorb the nutrients better from the herbs.




I’m currently on my third sessions with them. If you are curious to know if it really works, continue to follow my journey with Yun Nam Hair Care and I will share the results with you guys soon!

If you can’t wait to try this out, here’s a good news for you!

Enjoy a Free Festive Quick-Fix Package when you register here which includes :

  • 1 Comprehensive Scalp Analysis
  • 1 Herbal Hair & Scalp Treatment
  • 1 Set of Hair Care Products

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For more information about Yun Nam Hair Care signature Herbalogy Hair & Scalp Treatment, visit

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