Updates With A Pic of my New Hair Color!

As promised, i’m updating a very simple and short entry over here before i fly off tmr morning~ yes~ flying again.. this time to BALI and i can’t wait to stay in the VILLA that we’ve booked! Oh~ and its also my first overseas trip with my amblove! Freaking excited about it yea!

initially i wanted to post a few entry for the past few days but was SOOO busy with work that i’ve totally neglected this space of mine.. :X but no worries as i i promised to publish them all when i’m back from bali next week! Dun miss me too much yea~ but if you do, can follow me on twitter and my facebook page as i will be updating when im in bali 😉 so we can still stay connected yeah! 😀

Alright i this is really a super random entry but in order to make it look not so random (i also dunno what im talking about here…) im showing you guys a pic of my new hair color! though some would have already seen it on my facebook page.. muahaha~ so.. my hair finally went lighter and lighter…

more pictures of my hairstyle will be up in my upcoming post soon!


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