McDonald’s Goes BANANAS with MINIONs from Despicable Me

This June, these cute little yellow minions will be taking over McDonald’s, and they’re now switching our McDonald’s famed Vanilla Soft Serve with a creamy Banana Soft Serve for a limited period fo time! For just $1, you can cool off with a Banana Cone or enjoy a Banana Hot Fudge or Strawberry Sundae from $1.90. McFlurry lovers can also go for the Banana Oreo McFlurry at $2.90 too.

Other than the soft serve machine, these minions are leaving a mark on McDonald’s with Minion-shaped potato bites and Banana Pies. Minion fans can enjoy the Minion Potatoes available from $2, or bite into a savoury and mouth-watering Banana Pie available from $1.20.

Minion McDonald

To strike back, McDonald’s is releasing the fiery Spicy Chicken McNuggets! For a limited time only, McDonald’s fans can help keep the Minions in line with the return of everyone’s favourite sizzling nuggets available from $4.75. To top it off, McDonald’s has launched a line-up of 10 exclusive Despicable Me 3 toys. Fans can collect the free Despicable Me 3 toy with the purchase of any Happy Meal on a while stocks last basis.

Minion McDonald

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