Joyce And The Boys LIVE! in Tokyo [Ready To GO!]

Sponsored Trip by F&N Sparkling Drinks

Together with JATB, we woke up at 6.15am japan time which is 5.15am in singapore for breakfast before they set off to the competition venue.

SK jogging along the street which is ermz ard 100 m? hahaha~

Queuing up for our breakfast…

Helping one another with their costume for the competition before leaving the hotel.

Joyce And The Boys READY TO GO!

Wishing them all the best in the competition later on!

OK! i needa go prepare now and head out to the stadium soon to support them~ Wanna know what’s the result for this year Japan Dance Delight? check back my blog again as i bring u the latest updates tonight! (hopefully i dun fall asleep tonight after heading back to the hotel) 😛

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