Joyce And The Boys LIVE! in Tokyo [Japan Dance Delight VOL.18 Results]

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Super hardworking i can say as it 3.00 am now, just reached back hotel not long ago from dinner after the competition held this afternoon. It’s held at YOKOHAMA, another city out of toyko and we took approx and hour to reach Pacifico Yokohama.

Japan Dance Delight VOL.18 poster…

look at the crowd!!!

we are not allowed to take any videos and pictures through out the competition. but luckily at the last part of the competition, which is the announcement of winners, then we are somehow “allowed” to start snapping pics.

the judges…

A total of 4 special prizes was awarded for the dance team and effort.




STREET KINGDOM japan + Twiggs Farm

and the third prize goes to Mortal Combat

Second prize goes to 辛道场

and the winners for Japan Dance Delight 2011 goes to … … … …

Beat Buddy Bio!!!

Congratulations to all the winners! and though Joyce and the Boys didn’t win, but i’m really impressed with their dance moves! 😀 You guys did really well tonight!!! ;D

*ps: ok needa head to bed very badly now~!! good night! *

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