Get Cheesier with the Cheesy Zinger Stacker Meal!

Everybody knows that life is “grate” when you have cheese. And since we are in the business of making grate-tasting food grate-r, say hello again to our Cheesy Zinger Stacker, this time with a fab side of Cheese Fries! Only from 1 October to 14 October, every Cheesy Zinger Stacker Meal will come with a free upgrade of sides to Cheese Fries, all at a finger lickin’ good price of S$8.95!

With the Cheesy Zinger Stacker, bask in double the satisfaction and happiness with double the juicy slabs of our signature pipin’ hot KFC Zinger fillets, layered with two cheese slices, two sauces (a delicious swirl of mayonnaise and our jalapeno-tinged KFC Cheese Sauce for that trademark singe) and fresh lettuce – all sandwiched between two soft and fluffy sesame buns. And now, because everything gouda (heh) comes in pairs, add a spine-tingling zing to your meal and indulge in some serious finger lickin’ cheesiness with Cheese Fries – an absolutely free upgrade just because we get you, cheese lovers.

The Cheesy Zinger Stacker meal with the complimentary upgrade of Cheese Fries is available at all KFC outlets till 14 October, except Kidzania and Singapore Zoo. The Cheesy Zinger Stacker meal includes one Zinger Stacker Burger, one Cheese Fries and one regular Pepsi. Price – $8.95 (Dine-in/Take-away)

Get Cheesier with the Cheesy Zinger Stacker Meal!

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