Celebrate The Festive Season With CHICHA San Chen’s (吃茶三千) Eclectic Collection of Tea Sets and Tea Leaves

This Christmas, bring home the warmth and simple joys of freshly brewed tea and tea accessories from CHICHA San Chen. Lauded for its quality tea brews in every cup, the crowd-favourite bubble tea brand will offer even more reasons for both fans and tea connoisseurs to enjoy their favourite tea at home, with a selection of Lishan Qingxin Oolong Tea gift sets and tea leaves harvested from the tea mountains in Taiwan.

Spark a tea lover’s journey of discovery with CHICHA San Chen’s Lishan Qingxin Oolong loose tea leaves (75g) ($35) and with Tea Canister ($40). Beloved by tea experts, this curated selection of tea leaves from the tea mountains in Taiwan is available in five roasting levels variations of light, light-medium, medium, medium-heavy and heavy – offering new and seasoned tea drinkers the opportunity to enjoy freshly brewed tea in the comforts of their own home.

For those on the go, CHICHA San Chen’s Drip Tea Bag ($3.80/bag, $38 for gift box set of 10 bags) will be a choice gift that is immeasurable beyond words. Each drip tea bag (4g) is available in light-medium or heavy roast, and comes with a custom-designed drip tea contraption with a funnel-shaped tea sieve to meticulously execute the dripping process required to bring out the flavour profiles.

While those who prefer an elevated tea drinking experience, CHICHA San Chen’s Travel Tea Set ($250) will ensure that your tea-cravings are always in check. Encased in a compact gray and black travel bag, the travel tea set comes with a professional tea tasting set (brew cup, lid and tasting bowl), two porcelain sharing tea cups, a timer, a digital pocket scale and 75g loose tea leaves with airtight canister. The portable, easy to carry and durable travel bag is adorned with CHICHA San Chen’s distinctive design language of simple yet modern; and makes for an elegant addition to any tea collector’s collection.


For all CHICHA San Chen fans, surprise your loved ones by presenting their gifts in their favourite bubble tea themed wrapping paper. These limited-edition CHICHA San Chen wrapping papers are reversible and comes in a festive green on one side, and adorned with the iconic bubble tea motif on the other. Free with every two cups purchased in a single receipt. Available from 29 November 2019 onwards.

For more information, visit www.chichasanchen.com.sg.

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