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Tamoya Udon at Chinatown Point

Tamoya Udon is located at the basement of chinatown point, very near to the escalator and entrance of Uniqlo. Was looking for a place to have my dinner with mr c a few months ago, yes too busy to blog lately! :X and he told me that he tried this when he was in Japan before and would like to see how it fair here in Singapore. Just a brief intro, Tamoya was established in the home on udon, Sanuki (now known as Kagawa) prefecture in 1996 by Sanuki udon champion, Tamotsu Kurokawa Here’s how to go about ordering your food. First you choose the type of udon that you want. Personally i prefer the Kake.

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Genki Sushi at Chinatown Point

Went for dinner with TK some times ago at chinatown point and as i was having craving for some sushi, we came across this GENKI Sushi which was newly open and decided to have that for dinner. Initially i thought that it’s nothing special but i was a little surprised with the way we were asked to order our sushi! they uses a ipad mini for ordering and the graphics all very cute one leh~ i seriously think they did a really GOOD job in  this! the whole experience was like so WOW~ hahaha~

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Simple Belated Birthday Celebration for Calvintimo

Super outdated entry :P but still im gonna post it! Didn’t managed to attend his birthday party as i was busy with the preparation of my bbfs wedding materials so both Juliana and i decided to give Calvin a belated birthday celebration over a simple dinner ;) We had our dinner at ramen champion located at Bugis+, recommended by calvin and they seriously sell a WIDE variety of ramen from the different region in Japan!

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Chiso Zanmai Japanese Buffet at Central

Was invited for a food tasting session last wednesday (yes i know im kinda slow but bear with me as i’m kinda busy recently :P though i managed to escape for a short trip to bali ;P) Chiso Zan Mai buffet restaurant originated from Osaka and they are opening it’s first restuarant outside of Japan here in Singapore! :D

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Yokoso Japan! Tokyo Day 2 : Asakusa (Kaminarimon, Sensoji Temple), Ueno Street, Harajuku, Shibuya

Sponsored Trip by F&N Sparkling Drinks Despite sleeping at ard 4am the night before, surprisingly i still managed to wake up at 7am to wash up and prepare for breakfast at 8am! There’s actually 3 different restuarant for you to have your breakfast at with the breakfast coupon and since it’s a really sunny bright day, we decided to have our breakfast at the Manhattan Table, which is located at 25F with a spectacular view of the city! :D

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Yokoso Japan! Tokyo Day 1 : Departure, Arrival, Shinjuku Washington Hotel, Shinjuku Red Light District

Sponsored Trip by F&N Sparkling Drinks Before i start my post proper, i gonna thanks F&N Sparkling Drinks for sponsoring this trip!!! If you are a loyal reader or “fans” of my blog, you will know that i actually won the Spread the Groove title from the Spread the Groove Blogging Challenge organized by F&N sparkling Drinks for the Singapore Dance Delight 2011. The purpose of this trip is to cover the GRAND FINALS of Japan Dance Delight whereby Joyce & the Boys will be representing Singapore to compete with the other competitors! If you missed out on the fun we bloggers had during our “challenge” days, you can read more about it here. So finally, i get to fly to Japan!!! woohoo~ initially was to Osaka but they changed the venue to Tokyo this year instead! :D

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Shopping Spree @ Tampines 1

Finally managed to squeeze some time out for a little shopping spree… Went over to Tampines 1, A New Generation Mall for the Young & Savy, Singapore’s newest sub-urban mall in the East with international fashion brands such as Esprit, Springfield, Promod, Topshop, Topman and the very first Uniqlo store in Singapore.

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