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Today is our last day in bali as well as our last day in holiday inn and how can we not enjoy one last round of the sumptuous breakfast buffet right?!

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Day 3 of our Bali trip and we’ve decided to shorten our day tour from one full day to half a day instead as we wanna be back in the resort to chill again in the pool and to catch the magnificent sunset at the beach just outside our resort.

Started off our day once again with yummy breakfast before we set off ! ;D

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Rise and Shine! It’s day 2 of our stay in bali with Holiday Inn !

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Finally! i know you guys are waiting for my bali trip entry right?! I think this time round i very fast liao~ So here i’m presenting you

DAY 1 of my BBFs Bali Trip with Holiday Inn Baruna Bali !

Ok just in case you are wondering how i get this bali trip, i was invited for a one night stay at the Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre last year and at the same time to promote on the STAY TOGETHER photo competition holiday inn was having. AND SO~~ we (together with my bbfs) decided to take part in the photo competition as well and never did we expect that we actually managed to win the GRAND prize, 4 days 3 night stay in Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali!! Accomodation and air tickets all inclusive, with USD1200 spending cash ok~!

AWESOME RIGHT?! cos i’m a AWESOME blogger too~ 😛 (okok i know i’m very buay hiao bye aka thick skin) LOL!

and this is our winning photo!! COOL BA~?!

2010 is coming to an end in a few hours time and soon, we’ll be welcoming 2011~! and i guess its the best time of the year to do a summary of my blog now!  I’ve consolidated the top 12 events of the year for each month in 2010!!!

SO… This is definitely a must read entry of the year! all the jing hua is consolidated in this post. and a good start for readers that just started reading and following my blog 😉


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Was really glad to be invited for a complimentary stay in Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre! with such great offers, how can i miss out my friends? therefore, i invited my friends over too!

you see, we always


Check in to the hotel with wai meng and was greeted by the friendly staff over there! they brought me up to my room and i’m speechless when i entered the room…