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[News] Discover Your Latte Moments with Starbucks This Autumn

Get the moment right every time and everywhere with our new Starbucks VIA® Latte, coffee, and richly indulgent autumn beverages, the French Vanilla Latte and Dark Caramel Latte This autumn, embark on a journey into espresso bliss as Starbucks Singapore invites customers to rekindle their love for the perfect latte. Start your personal coffee journey with our Starbucks VIA® Lattes made with the quality you expect from Starbucks. Now, you can have your favorite latte or caffè mocha whenever you like, wherever you are! Next, experience the creamy goodness of our new seasonal lattes available hot or iced – our new French Vanilla Latte and Dark Caramel Latte are a delightful taste of autumn, handcrafted specially for you to as you embrace the flavors of this season.

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Ronin Cafe, Hong Kong Street

It’s Cafe hopping time and this time round, we visited Ronin Cafe, located along Hong Kong Street, directly opposite Central. You might not be able to notice it as there isn’t any signages that says Ronin Cafe but only the unit no. I love the ambience of the cafe. Very minimalistic and the use of rustic light bulbs, vintage-y furniture like old school cinema chairs and benches with fresh flowers placed on some of the tables.

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[Photo Post] TEMPORIUM, Visit Before it’s Gone

TEMPORIUM is a pop-up store, diner and gallery housed on Dunlop street in quaint Little India. Its a place where you get to enjoy a cup of artisan coffee and pastry, and to do some shopping ranging from fashion to books from a selection of designers, craftsmen and artists. A cross collaboration between several homegrown brands, including Papa Palheta, Wild Rocket and BooksActually, come together to deliver new experiences for visitors in a colourful neighbourhood.

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The Bravery Cafe

Cafe Hopping Time! There’s something special about this cafe that we’ve visited a few weeks ago. It’s a simple cafe with very simple decor and seriously, if i were to walk pass the cafe, i wouldn’t have notice it. From the exterior, it looks like a warehouse to me. I even have difficulty locating the door to enter lor! hahaha~

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Lady M® Confections Arrived in Singapore!

Lady M® Confections from New York – the pioneer of the world-famous Mille Crepes cake debuts at Marina Square! was having dinner with one of my friend sometime back and when i told him there’s a new dessert place that we can go to for dessert, which is LADY M, he got so excited! I didn’t give him that weird stare but it makes me wanna try it even more.

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[Darren Bloggie Giveaway] Win A Pair of tickets to Lee Byung Hun’s latest Hollywood Action Blockbuster, RED 2!

Darren Bloggie Giveaway Are you a coffee lover? I needa have my coffee fix every morning and the easiest way to fix that is to get the 3-in-1 instant coffee (though a coffee machine like nespresso will be great) and my mum and I, uncluding my aunties have been drink nescafe for the longest time! We are loyal supporter of them! haha~

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Rokeby at Jalan Riang

Few weeks ago, i wanted to bring my bbfs for makan at the cajun king but it was fully booked that night. So we switched over to Wimbly Lu but still fully occupied.. we move down and finally settled down for some pasta at Rokeby which is located along Jalan Riang as well. It wasn’t very crowded like the other 2 when we enter but it got really crowded when we left. looks like the crowd came in slightly later for them. So.. what’s for dinner? let’s take a look at the menu…

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Two Face, A New Found Gem in Tiong Bahru

Was randomly looking for a place to have our late dinner after swim and initially we wanted to visit a nice little cafe but too bad it’s closing in 30 mins time and we didn’t want to rush our food so we decided to change another venue. While walking back to the car, we noticed this “coffee shop” whereby there are Caucasian drinking wine, beer, eating pizza and pasta. That caught my attention and out of curiosity, we went to have a look and to realize that it’s actually a restaurant in a “coffee shop” setting.

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Christa & Naomi C.A.N Cafe, A Small Little Cosy Retro Vintage Cafe Along Beach Road

Sponsored Review Visiting and exploring new cafe is what i always love to do as i find there’s this special thing of a cafe that attracts me. You just feel that time seems to slow down especially when you are in a cafe with nice ambience and serving nice coffee and food ;) Last weekend, i visited this cafe located along liang seah street with calvin and i fell in love with the place! So retro so vintagey lor!

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Happy Long Weekend!

It’s a long weekend and im sure alot of you are going on a overseas trip! some prefer to sleep the day through, some prefer to do something meaningful like visiting the dog shelter or old folks home, helping the needy people, some prefer to go to their fav restaurant or cafe and spend a lazy afternoon there, or some would just go catch a movie, ktv or maybe do some sports activities. There’s just too many things to do lah~ i’ve yet to make any plans but i would love to start my day with this !! The breakfast from Olio Cafe taste pretty good leh~ this was taken during cny period whereby i brought my parents there for breakfast. haha to them is like super atas~ but once in awhile i like to pamper my parents like this :P must have for me.. coffee!!! and yes, call me a coffee adict … so everyone out there, go enjoy ur LONG weekend and do something you like. Don’t waste it! :P

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Birthday Dinner @ Café Crema

Celebrated one of my bbfs, Waimeng birthday at Café Crema, a nice cosy cafe located at Gardens by the bay. It’s not that difficult to locate as it’s along the taxi stand and within a min walking distance from the ticketing counter. The cafe over here sells mainly pasta and sandwiches. So be it lazing around on a afternoon in the cafe with a cup of coffee, or having a proper meal for your dinner, this will probably be one of the best choice for you when you are at Gardens by the bay.

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Rock & Ash Cafe At Marina Square Link

Notice this cafe whenever i passed by that area buy didn’t get a chance to try it out. So, finally, last week, managed to meet 2 of my amblove for dinner over there. Ordered the dinner set meal. There’s quite a few option for you to choose from. You can choose a set with a main course and a drink or a set meal with a main course, drink and a dessert or soup. I got myself the latter one. Ordered the Chicken cutlet as it looks quite delicious, and it’s very nicely fried.

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