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Setting the Stage with Wedding Acts : Romantic Wedding by the Cliff in Bali

As age is catching up on me and most of my friends are getting married lately, i’m sure most of my readers who are growing together with me are in the stage of getting married as well right? haha~ Therefore i’ve an interesting topic here to blog about this time round! Special thanks to Wedding Acts for inviting and Alila Uluwatu for hosting, I managed to go behind the scenes with Jonathan, the wedding director of Wedding Acts, on a trip to Bali for setting up a romantic wedding by the cliff at Alila Uluwatu ;)

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RISE restaurant | Celebrate Oktoberfest with Barbeque Thursdays

RISE restaurant is an international buffet restaurant located at the lobby of Tower 1, Marina Bay Sands Hotel. I have not tried the restaurant before, so it was a good opportunity when I got to try their buffet spread last Thursday. In celebration of Oktoberfest, RISE restaurant has added an outdoor barbeque station for patrons to enjoy! The outdoor barbeque will be available every Thursday for the month of October. You can look forward to many different kinds of grilled sausages such as juicy bratwurst, snail sausage, smoked pork and garlic sausage, cheeser krainer among other regular buffet favourites! The sausages are quite flavorful and there are six different kinds of mustards for you to try! Goes very well with the sausages I must say. I am usually not a sausage fan but those sausages were really good.

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Enjoy Extra 10% Off on ZALORA with MasterCard Every Thursday!

Thursday shall be named as the OFFICIAL SHOPPING DAY at Zalora as you get to enjoy 10% extra discount when you pay with MasterCard! :) As you know, ZALORA have been coming up with alot of different promotions almost every day. If you are unaware of it, then i strongly suggest you to subscribe to the e-newsletter as you’ve been missing out on ALL the GOOD DEALS they have! Other than those daily promotions, one of my favourite promotion got to be the one on every Thursday where you get to enjoy EXTRA 10% off when paying with MasterCard! :D

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Hair Cream Bath at Immortelle Atelier

Sponsored Review Having an important meeting to attend or going on a date with someone you’re interested? I’m sure you would like to make sure you look, feel and smell good too right? Especially our hair which tends to get oily easily. Not to worry, here’s something that I would like to share with you which I’m sure it’ll benefit you! Before i proceed to tell you what is it going to be, let’s go on a mini tour around the salon! It’s really very nicely decorated and I personally quite like it. Especially the super wider mirror with lights which shout “best lighting for selfie” ! lol~

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Korean Cuisine at Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ

Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ restuarant celebrates its 10th anniversary at a new prime location with larger seating capacity and an expanded line up of authentic home-styled korean food! Was happy to try out the new healthy and wholesome dishes that they offered. Especially the hearty Korean Imperial Hotpot with Assorted Vegetables ($39.00 per serving) that serves 2 to 4 pax. Definitely a must order if you are there with you friends :) You can choose between beef, pork of chicken meat with the super tasty soup stock that has been made flavourful and naturally milky through hours of slow boiling over a few days. With generous serving of fresh vegetables, this is definitely a must have if you are looking for something healthy.

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Get Shielded today with Bio Shield!

Advertorial Our skin gets the most exposure to germs around us and its important for us to protect our skin with products that is safe and benefits us. Introducing your Bio Shield, an organic body protectant designed to maintain and enhance our skin’s immune function :) Since its launch in 2010, Bio Shield remains the top body protectant for adults, children and babies!

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N.Emation! 9 is Back! Registration Starts NOW!

Advertorial N.E.mation! 9 is back! Wanna flaunt your creativity and be the lucky winner for a trip to USA? Then you got to take part in the N.E.mation! 9 N.E.mation! 9 Central Idea – Because We Believe “Singapore is what it is today because our pioneers believed in Singapore and were united by a determination to build a strong, secure and cohesive nation. As we mark Singapore’s 50th year, it is a good time to reflect on the values, principles and convictions that will continue to shape the nation and the home that we want for Singapore and our future generations.” Revolving around this idea of follow these 3 simple steps for your first step to win a trip to USA!

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Sakae Sushi Introduces its New Fusion Menu with over 120 New Selections!

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a food tasting by Sakae Sushi, which is launching a new menu with over 120 new selections! Sakae Sushi’s new menu has a variety of fusion dishes that marry Japanese classics with influences such as Peranakan, Korean, French and Chinese cuisine. We started with appetizers such as: Sakae Zensai Smoked duck wrapped with Japanese cucumber, salmon tataki, and spinach lightly tossed with yuzu dressing. A cold dish to get your appetite going.

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Celebrate National Day at SCAPE SG(almost)50 National Day Celebration!

This National Day, come join in to play some old-school, classic heritage Singaporean games like hopscotch and five-stones, pick-up sticks and snacks-and-ladders at *SCAPE! This National Day, youth talent and leadership development organisation *SCAPE is taking the indie pop anthem seriously with *SCAPE SG(almost)50, a National Day celebration with a youth-oriented twist.

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Go RED & WHITE to Celebrate Singapore 49th Birthday at Zalora!

August is here and it’s the month to celebrate our nation birthday! I’m sure you will get to see most shops in the shopping malls having their clothings in these two significant color, RED and WHITE which is the primary color of our national flag. Why not save the hassle and grab your outfit from Zalora to celebrate national day on the 9th August?! Here’s some fashion inspiration for you!

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[VOLUME 01] Memories are Made of These, Travel Photobook Collaboration with Samsung

Samsung Dream Exchange Campaign After my first trip outside a country in Asia and spending 9 Days 8 Nights in both Sydney and Melbourne, I’m finally publishing my very first travel photo e-book on All these would not have been possible without my Samsung NX3000 as my wonderful travel companion. Thanks Samsung for helping me to make everlasting memories. Throughout the trip, the Samsung NX3000 never failed to surprise me with the wonders it’s able to create! Not only did the photo quality turn out to be superb (as good as a DSLR camera), colors were vibrant, shutter speed was fast enough to capture real sharp images of moving objects, and most importantly, it performed better than what I would have expected under low light conditions! As there are simply too many photos that I’ve taken which I would like to share with you, I’m breaking them up into different volumes :) Presenting to you, VOLUME 01 : MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THESE, Darrenbloggie’s Travel Photobook Collaboration with Samsung

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Dream Exchange with Samsung NX3000

Samsung Dream Exchange Campaign I’ve always had an interest in photography. It allows me to capture the moment and keep it as a part of my memory. There’s always a story to tell from a photo and I always love those photobooks which have really nice photos, especially travel photobooks showcasing the wonders of the places visited. From these photos, you get to visit places without being there and have a better understanding of how the place looks like, more about the culture and the heritage. That’s something that I would like to do!

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Turn Your Dream into Reality with Samsung Dream Exchange

Do you have a dream which you’ve always wanted to fulfil but you’re unable to? How about getting a little aid from someone who may be able to help you in fulfilling your dream? Samsung today announced the launch of the Dream Exchange campaign to inspire and enable consumers to turn their dreams into realities! In line with Samsung’s commitment to create possibilities for consumers through Samsung technology and products, Dream Exchange aims to inspire consumers to think about how technology can help fulfill their dreams, enhance their lives and enable them to do more.

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Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay, Better than What I’ve Expected

Noticed this beautiful architecture that appeared along the Singapore River at Clarke Quay recently? It’s the newly opened Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay, second in Singapore after the very first Holiday Inn Express at Orchard City. As a staycation lover, how can i miss this hotel right?! Thanks to Holiday Inn Express, i managed to go on a staycation there over the weekends!

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My Game My Rules – Police Eyewear Lookbook Collaboration

Are you able to name me an eyewear brand which speaks of street style with slight hint of rebellion in it. POLICE got to be the one! Inspired by American “on the road” spirit, the personality of this brand is aggressive, non-conformist and even a little hedonistic. Just like what POLICE the brand represent, when it comes to fashion, it’s my game, my rule as I define the style I want. Fashion is something very judgmental. Someone may like the way you dress up but some may find it a fashion disaster. After all I think if you are able to carry off the style you like, or have confidence in what you wear, and people find it comfortable looking at the combination you have, I think you’ve probably did a great job. When I was given “The Quirky” look for this campaign, my first impression was… err.. what’s that? I did a little research online and notice that quirky isn’t simply just a fashion statement. It’s a way of being, always catching people who …

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