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I know there are many people out that that wanna slim down so as to look better, and whenever the thoughts of things that you need to do in order to slim down comes to your mind (example, spending hours gymming, running etc) you will always give yourself an excuse that this is just tooo tiring right? and eventually you will not do anything at all.

How about telling you that by spending 55 mins lying down on a bed is as good as you’ve went through a 5 hours gym session? sounds not bad right?

YES! Introducing you PowerSlim IMPACT, the all new slimming treatment that uses innovative technology of the PowerSlim Studio, located at The Spa Artisan in The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, offers a relaxing and unique slimming experience for busy professionals like you and me!

This is a perfect solution for busy individuals who wants to maintain their figure in spite of their hectic schedule as PowerSlim IMPACT assures that “55mins is equivalent to 5 hours in a gym” !

Thanks to Asmara Lifestyle, i got an opportunity to go for a trial and experience it for myself 😉

Love the deco and the ambience at The Spa Artisan. It makes one feel really relaxed especially when you see the warm smile greeting you from the friendly staff there 😉

POWERSLIM Impact at The Spa Artisan in Fullerton hotel singapore

Sponsored Review

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Somewhere in february, i visited the LG pop up cafe which i enjoy a cup of really nice lavender coffee by THE PLAIN cafe which taste sooo good. Felt so relaxed and i slept really well that night.

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After months of hardwork from the 10 teams of students whom bascially spent their whole December holidays to work on their animation clips, for this year N.E.mation! 7 competition based on the theme, “Together We Overcome”, it’s time to view their final clips and show your support by voting for your favourite team!

There’s a total of 4 methods to vote and these are the 4…

313@Somerset launched Tring313 recently for the technologically-savvy shoppers! It is a location based mobile application where shoppers can receive relevant


The multi-tasking smartphone that everyone been waiting for is finally launching here in Singapore on 19th October 2012 and i’m very lucky to be invited for the launch event on wednesday night at the Ritz Carlton to witness the launch of the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy camera with 2 local ambassadors!

Technology is becoming a part of our life nowadays and how can we incorporate technology into our daily life to live better, smarter and more connected with our loved ones? Thanks to Samsung, this is made possible! Let’s go on a tour ard the Samsung Smart Home! ;D

Stay connected with your loved ones with the newly launched services by Samsung, AllShare Cast and the “Live Chat” feature from the Family Story. This removes the barriers that exist between devices and content, giving consumers the freedom to share, interact with, and access content across all their devices and with friends and family.