Genki Sushi at Chinatown Point
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Genki Sushi at Chinatown Point

Went for dinner with TK some times ago at chinatown point and as i was having craving for some sushi, we came across this GENKI Sushi which was newly open and decided to have that for dinner. Initially i thought that it’s nothing special but i was a little surprised with the way we were asked to order our sushi!


they uses a ipad mini for ordering and the graphics all very cute one leh~ i seriously think they did a really GOOD job in  this! the whole experience was like so WOW~ hahaha~

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Advertorial Food

Introducing New Addition to the Menu at Mouth Restaurant 地茂馆!

Food Review

Remembering my first time trying the food at mouth restaurant was during my company cny lunch this year and it did gave me quite a memorable experience lolx. Read the entry and you will know.

Recently, they added a new range of delicacies into their menu and im glad i was invited for a food tasting session! 😉

Instead of having those usual har gao (Prawn dumplings), i was served with a variety of dumplings in 6 different flavours! Each color representing an unique flavour of its own : Squid Ink, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Carrot and Original flavors. 🙂


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Chiso Zanmai Japanese Buffet at Central

Was invited for a food tasting session last wednesday (yes i know im kinda slow but bear with me as i’m kinda busy recently 😛 though i managed to escape for a short trip to bali ;P)

Chiso Zan Mai buffet restaurant originated from Osaka and they are opening it’s first restuarant outside of Japan here in Singapore! 😀

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New Year Eve’s Eve Dinner @ Tomi Sushi

Had our annual company dinner to mark the last day of work for 2011 and we decided to go japanese this time round. Tried out this japanese restaurant, Tomi Sushi located at Millennium Walk, which looks really authentic to me. Heard from my boss that their review was pretty good. 😀


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Buffet Dinner at Momoya Japanese Restuarant

It’s time for food!!!!!

Food always makes me feel extremely happy, especially if it’s in a buffet style! since i was having a crave for Japanese cuisine, together with my bbfs, we went for a buffet dinner at

momoya japanese restaurant!

really nice and cosy ambience 😉

Ala Carte Buffet menu… (for the full list of the menu, you can visit here.)

rachel and diana busy deciding on what to order…

*WARNING! tons of food pics below *

buffet style ma, sure got alot of pics de ma…

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