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August is here and it’s the month to celebrate our nation birthday! I’m sure you will get to see most shops in the shopping malls having their clothings in these two significant color, RED and WHITE which is the primary color of our national flag. Why not save the hassle and grab your outfit from Zalora to celebrate national day on the 9th August?!

Here’s some fashion inspiration for you!

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Presenting to you Lee Cooper X Darrenbloggie Lookbook Collaboration : Spring Summer 2014 Collection VOL 02!

A slightly less formal look from Vol.01, i’ve put together a polo tee and a pair of khaki pants to create a more causal or i would say semi-formal look, perfect for a date or for work if you do not require to wear shirt and pants.


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If you’ve been following me on my instagram, you would’ve more or less get to see the different outfit that i wore for chinese new year, all thanks to my awesome sponsor, Lee Cooper~! In this post, you will get to see a more casual formal oufit that i’ve placed together, which you can wear for work or on a date. I’m sure you would want to look good, presentable on your first date or first day at work right? 🙂

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Usher into the Year of the Horse with Lee Cooper Spring/Summer Collection 2014!


It’s always a tradition to wear something new, colorful and vibrant during chinese new year. I’m still as excited as I was when i’m a kid as i get to wear new clothes, but as i grew older, it’s not about wearing new clothes but more on an excuse to get MORE new clothings hahaha~ So when i was given an opportunity to check out the Spring/Summer collection from Lee Cooper, I was really happy and looking forward to it! Psst, not afraid to tell you this is my first time checking out this brand, though it’s been around for so long 😛

Singapore Blog Awards 2013
GLOSSI Best Modelling Blog Finalist

It’s been a month since i’ve started sharing my GLOSSI experience and creating different looks for different occasions with it. Hope you guys enjoy reading them 🙂 If you’ve missed any of the entries, you can locate them in this entry as i do a recap of my blogging journey with Glossi Eyewear 😉


It’s been really hazy lately but with glossi eyewear, i still looks cool with a mask on right? hahaha~

Singapore Blog Awards 2013
GLOSSI Best Modelling Blog Finalist

From my previous entry, i’ve introduced you this local brand, GLOSSI Eyewear and i’m sure you are more aware and understand this brand better now right? If you are still unsure of how cool and what’s so unique about these glasses from Glossi Eyewear, you canread about it here. 🙂

Today in this entry, as promised earlier on, i will be creating 4 different looks with the 2 pairs of glasses that i’ve selected 🙂 You can expect something cool, fun, formal and punk-ish look from the style that i’ve created 😉

First…. Let’s go for a COOL and punkish look with the shades that i’ve gotten! This look is great for parties and attending events! 🙂


Darren Bloggie X Lomography Singapore Lookbook Collaboration

Not long ago, i was approached by the friendly staff at lomography singapore to create a lookbook with the La Sardina camera assigned to me and i accepted it without much hesitation as i know it’s gonna be fun! So after 2 weeks of shooting around and post production, im proud to present to you darren bloggie first photobook!

The reason of creating a photobook is because i would like to present something different to you readers! and at the same time i was inspired by Yutaki with all the wonderful and impressive photobook that he’ve created. Mine still far far away from his standard though. :X

Hope you guys will enjoy this mini photobook of mine! 😀


Singapore Blog Awards 2012 (G-market Best Shopping Blog) My blogging journey for the Singapore Blog Awards 2012 (Gmarket Best Shopping Blog)