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[News] iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Available in Singapore on 19 Sep 2014

Apple unveils the new iPhone 6 with a a 4.7-inch display while the iPhone 6 Plus sports a 5.5-inch display. Yes! Finally Apple heard us and his marks the first time that an iPhone is bigger than 4 inches. The iPhone 6’s display has a screen resolution of 1,334 × 750 pixels, giving it a pixel density of 364 pixels per inch (pip). On the other hand, the iPhone 6 Plus’ 5.5-inch display features a screen resolution of 1,920 × 1,080 pixels with a pixel density of 401 ppi.   Singapore retail price for the iPhone 6 is S$988 (16GB), S$1,148 (64GB), S$1,288 (128GB) and the iPhone 6 Plus will be going at S$1,148 (16GB), S$1,288 (64GB), S$1,448 (128GB). Pre-order on the Apple Store will begin on 12 September and both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus will arrive in Singapore on 19 Sep. Meanwhile, all three telecos, Singtel, M1 and Starhub have yet to announce the contract prices for these two phones.

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[Cha Ba Lang Blogging] Virgin Post on a iPad Mini

This is super random as ive never try to do a blog entry without using a proper PC or laptop. I’ve saw people using their iPad or even their phone to write a entry out and I always question, seriously can do that meh? And now since I’ve gotten myself a iPad mini, I’m gonna to try it out! So this entry you are reading is created on an iPad mini ;) So.. The Singapore blog awards is over and yes, I didn’t win anything except a consolation prize for the best dress of the day. But I would still love to thank every single one of you that helped to vote for me daily and at the same time to congrats all the winners! :D Went on a short trip to job with my bbfs for food, massage and petrol on Sunday and the jam was quite a terrible one. We left at arc 7 and only managed to reach back at Singapore at 10 plus…

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Vote for your Favourite N.E.mation! 7 Animation Clips Today!

Advertorial After months of hardwork from the 10 teams of students whom bascially spent their whole December holidays to work on their animation clips, for this year N.E.mation! 7 competition based on the theme, “Together We Overcome”, it’s time to view their final clips and show your support by voting for your favourite team! There’s a total of 4 methods to vote and these are the 4…

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Introducing Tring 313, the First Location-based Mobile Application for Technologically-savvy Shoppers

313@Somerset launched Tring313 recently for the technologically-savvy shoppers! It is a location based mobile application where shoppers can receive relevant promotions, and make payment through the app anywhere anytime! Tring 313 is designed in a way that you will receive a notification when you are within a 500 metres proximity of the mall to inform you on the current promotions and ongoing events. So you can also choose to “follow” your favourite brands in 313@Somerset and when you are nearby them, you will be notified of the ongoing promotions of that particular brand/shop! Shopping gonna be easy and fun with Tring 313! So download the app today (only for iPhone user :( android soon please~~) and happy shopping for the festive season! :D Tring 313 Kick-off Promotions As part of the launch taking place 29 November, there will be one retailer each from the fashion, lifestyle and food & beverage categories presenting exclusive offers. High street fashion brand Forever 21 is featuring exclusive offers til 31 Dec 2012! 10% off all shoes and a Lip …

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The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine

Sponsored Advertorial Are you a user of the popular Moleskine notebook? If you are, good, if you are not, let me introduce you the new Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine! This is a collaboration between Evernote and Moleskine, whereby you can now organise your online and offline notes all in 1 place! It’s searchable and sharable wherever you are and want! It’s one new innovative and powerful tool, giving you the freedom to capture and create your notes professionally!

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Darren Bloggie x Qoo10Sg Lookbook Collaboration

Singapore Blog Awards 2012 (G-market Best Shopping Blog) My blogging journey for the Singapore Blog Awards 2012 (Gmarket Best Shopping Blog) is coming to an end and this mark the last entry for it. It was really a pleasant experience shopping with Qoo10 (nothing new as ive been shopping with them since years ago~) So throughout this whole journey, i’ve blogged about FOOD, TECHNOLOGY, and not forgetting Fashion!!! And this last entry will be like a combo entry whereby i consolidate all the clothings that i’ve purchased from Qoo10 Singapore into a Lookbook! Presenting you Darren Bloggie X Qoo10 Singapore Lookbook Collaboration!

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Create that SUMMER LOOK from Qoo10 with $50 !

Singapore Blog Awards 2012 (G-market Best Shopping Blog) It’s SUMMER TIME! Have your prepared your summer clothings? Ok, i know Singapore is like summer throughout the year but still you have to dress correctly right? Ever since i received my first batch of items which i ordered from Qoo10 a few years ago, i couldn’t help but to source for my clothings over there. So if you are curious on where i get my clothes, bags, accessories from, haha now you know the answer yeah! :D So I created a summer lookbook with $50 by purchasing them from Qoo10 ! and see what i’ve got here with me! ;D

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[Darren Bloggie Giveaway!] No More Worries About Your iPhone/iPad Going Battery Flat!

Singapore Blog Awards 2012 (G-market Best Shopping Blog) Is the above image what you HATE to see whenever you are out, especially at a place whereby there is no power plug for you to charge your mobile phones? And you bought those very cheap portable charger whereby it can’t even give you a full charge on your iPhone or iPad? And the prices of those more “powerful” charger are always sooo freaking expensive that makes you wonder if you should buy it anot. NO WORRIES, QOO10 is here to save your day! :D *huh? like how?!*

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Hello To My Brand New Phone!

I can has a iPhone 4 too!   Finally i managed to get myself a iphone 4 and i know you guys must be saying in ur mind : “wahlao. it not a new phone anymore and it’s launched like so long ago plus iphone 5 coming out soon le, why still get a iphone 4?” BUT i DON”T CARE! MUAHAHA~! Actually i seriously think that this is the best timing to get a iphone 4 now because:

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Calypso Crystal Dock . Precision Handcrafted

Sponsored Advertorial Ever thought of getting a Dock station for your iPhone but those out in the markets somehow doesn’t catches your attention to them? No worries, I bet this will definitely makes you fall in love with it as i fell in love with it the first time i saw it! It’s such a beauty~ Was extremely surprised when i open up my email the other day. I couldn’t believe it! Just when i was looking for a docking station for my iPhone, this crystal dock came in JUST IN TIME! Oh! and if you’re following me on my twitter and facebook, you will notice me tweeting about my little sexy a few days ago. and tada~ i’m proud to introduce you my little sexy which is my … … Crystal Dock from Calypso Crystal! It flew all the way from Europe and it’s now on my desk! Extremely fast and efficient as i received it the following day! Unboxing the packaging… with a personalized greeting cards! My name is printed on it!!! and …

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Lead your dragon boat team to be the champions in this year Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival!

Advertorial Ever get sicked of the games in you iPhone? or you are those whom are always on the lookout, browsing through the itunes store for the latest new games and application? NOW, i’ve something new to introduce to you guys! Lead your dragon boat team to be the champions in this year Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival on your iPhone! something interesting huh? ok, before i continue, let me give u a brief introduction about the dragon boat festival in hong kong, as this application is brought to you by the hong kong tourism board! Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival (23-25 July) The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival, held on beautiful Victoria Harbour is the perfect opportunity to soak up all the fun and excitement of the International Dragon Boat Races, the biggest event of the Hong Kong Summer Spectacular! Enjoy fabulous live entertainment, food stalls and a biergarten while you watch the world’s best paddlers compete for glory in the Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races. Ok, so now you have a better …

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迎春接“虎”Lunar New Year Celebration Part 3

I love going out for dinner with my parents. the feeling is extremely great :) Last sat, which is 初七,also known as 人日, is one of day whereby everyone will go for their lo hei session, aka 捞鱼生,celebrating their birthday. So, for us, we went for our dinner at buangkok, FU LEE Seafood restaurant.. Their food are really nice :D there is this saying that on this special day, we have to eat a dish whereby a total of 7 kinds of vegetables are cooked together. till now i still dunno why but, afterall vege is good for us ma, so no harm eating all the 7 kinds of vegetables :D

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Advertorial Woo! i guessed most of you out there are using a iphone right, especially when now, all the 3 main telecoms in singapore are offering their iphone mobile packages. and now, has launched Two Apple iPhone applications features for its users! omy iphone application will provide iPhone users with up-to-date local and world news, including current affairs and lifestyle topics, as well as video content.

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