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Brunch at DOC Department of Caffeine

Was supposed to head down for a brunch tasting session at raffles hotel last saturday but i didn’t managed to make it as i was already running late and the cab i took decided to brake down… so in the end i went for brunch with Mr C, since he is looking for someone to brunch together at DOC Document of Caffeine which both of us wanted to try out.

For All The Thai Food Lovers Out There!

recommended by my bbfs, we went for our dinner at this thai food restaurant a few weeks ago after our KTV session right after checking out from the chalet. From the outside, the restaurant doesn’t really attracts your attention as it really “normal” lo. but the most important thing is that they serve really nice thai food! We ordered quite alot to share, since we have a total of 5 of us. Can’t remember what’s the name of this dish, but its a dish that taste abit spicy and sour with tung hoon, seafood, onions, chicken mixed together. Very appetizing i would say. A MUST-to-order thai food : Minced Meat with Basil Leaves one of my all time favourite 😀 Tom Yum Soup Very rich taste with a little sweet and spicy. Sambal Kang Kong Sweet & Sour Fish Slice It’s really a very satisfying meal and we didn’t pay alot for this meal. Less than $10 from each of us. Don’t you think it’s really worth it? Sbey Sbey Thai Food address: 91 Bencoolen …

炎热的夏天 该如何消暑?

天啊。。。 最近的天气是想怎样?是要热死人吗? 就连待在家里的我,也会无时无刻的汗流浃背。。。 那我们该如何才能让自己更加清凉点呢? 方法其实有很多。 你并不需要一直呆在冷气房里来消除炎热, 把家里的窗户打开来,透透风,让空气流通. 夏天最好吃些清淡,容易消化的东西。多吃一些有助于消暑的蔬菜,如黄瓜,芹菜等(虽然本身很讨厌吃芹菜)。如果你是不喜爱吃蔬菜的话,也可以多吃些水果, 如西瓜, 梨, 香蕉等。 如果想要和冷饮的话,可以选择绿茶,因为了绿茶有很好的解渴功效。 夏天最好也不要在烈日当空之下运动。如果要运动,可以选择在傍晚或者清晨。选择一些如水上的运动应该会不错。 但记得要多喝水来补充一天所流失的水分. 夏天的炎热关键还是需要心境自然凉。保持乐观的心态来对抗夏天的炎热是最好的方法! 最后我们来听听一些与夏天有关的歌吧!