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[DarrenBloggie Giveaway] Win A Pair of POLICE Sunglass!

[DarrenBloggie Giveaway!] What is the most important thing for you when you are out in the sun? Sunblock? Hat? or a pair of sunglasses? Definitely sunglasses for me! Special thanks to POLICE, Darrenbloggie will be giving away a pair of POLICE sunglass which is specially designed to fit perfectly for the Asian to 2 lucky winners! All you have to do is: 1) Like Darrenbloggie Facebook Page & Eye Trendy Facebook page 2) Leave down a comment below and tell me why do you need this pair of sunglasses 2 Lucky winners will be selected and each of you will win yourself a pair of POLICE eyewear! * Terms & Conditions : – Contest starts from 8 Aug 2013 and ends on 10 Aug 2013 at 2359hrs. – Winners will be announced on Darren Bloggie, Darren Bloggie Facebook Page. – Winners are to reply back within 3 days upon receiving the winners notification. Kindly make sure that your FB account is not private and we are able to send you a message through Facebook. – …


My Blogging Journey with Glossi Eyewear

Singapore Blog Awards 2013 GLOSSI Best Modelling Blog Finalist It’s been a month since i’ve started sharing my GLOSSI experience and creating different looks for different occasions with it. Hope you guys enjoy reading them If you’ve missed any of the entries, you can locate them in this entry as i do a recap of my blogging journey with Glossi Eyewear 😉 It’s been really hazy lately but with glossi eyewear, i still looks cool with a mask on right? hahaha~


Creating 4 Different Looks with GLOSSI Eyewear!

Singapore Blog Awards 2013 GLOSSI Best Modelling Blog Finalist From my previous entry, i’ve introduced you this local brand, GLOSSI Eyewear and i’m sure you are more aware and understand this brand better now right? If you are still unsure of how cool and what’s so unique about these glasses from Glossi Eyewear, you canread about it here. Today in this entry, as promised earlier on, i will be creating 4 different looks with the 2 pairs of glasses that i’ve selected You can expect something cool, fun, formal and punk-ish look from the style that i’ve created 😉 First…. Let’s go for a COOL and punkish look with the shades that i’ve gotten! This look is great for parties and attending events!


GLOSSI Eyewear, A Local Brand You’ll Love

Singapore Blog Awards 2013 GLOSSI Best Modelling Blog Finalist Still remembering me telling you guys that i will be introducing you a local brand which you will love with their extensive and cool designs of glasses and shades? You can read about my shopping experience here and in this entry, i will be revealing the 2 glasses that i’ve picked up from the store!


My GLOSSI Eyewear Shopping Experience at Nanyang Optical

Singapore Blog Awards 2013 GLOSSI Best Modelling Blog Finalist Other than being one of the finalist in the LEVI’S 501 Best Interpretation Blog, darren bloggie is also a finalist in the GLOSSI Best Modelling Blog!! *Throw Confetti* (the best icon to represent is the LINE bear doing the throw confetti sticker.) Although i’m not one whom needs to wear specs as i’ve got perfect eyesight *flick hair though hair not long enough* but i do wear those non-degree specs at times to complete my look for the day SO… 2 weeks ago, i visited Nanyang Optical at white sands to pick my pair of non-degree specs and sunglasses sponsored by Glossi Eyewear! 😀