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[Darren Bloggie Giveaway] Will Pan Unleashed World Tour Singapore Concert Press Conference + WIN Concert Tickets!

Darren Bloggie Giveaway This entry came a little late as i was busy with work and this press conference was held in may when he was in town for his first local ticketed concert promo. Was really happy when i received the invitation to attend the press conference as a media and i think you guys are not aware that i’m actually quite a fan of him as i do listen to his songs and will usually sing his songs at ktv sessions ;P I still remember my first encounter meeting him in person was in a KTV room many years ago and i got to sing with him in the room too! haha but sad to say, i can’t find that pic i took :X Anyway, back to the topic. So i  attended the press conference that day and he is still as bubbly and i am glad that he managed to do so well now. He is really a very hardworking artiste.

Vote for your Favourite N.E.mation! 7 Animation Clips Today!

Advertorial After months of hardwork from the 10 teams of students whom bascially spent their whole December holidays to work on their animation clips, for this year N.E.mation! 7 competition based on the theme, “Together We Overcome”, it’s time to view their final clips and show your support by voting for your favourite team! There’s a total of 4 methods to vote and these are the 4…

Darren Bloggie x Qoo10Sg Lookbook Collaboration

Singapore Blog Awards 2012 (G-market Best Shopping Blog) My blogging journey for the Singapore Blog Awards 2012 (Gmarket Best Shopping Blog) is coming to an end and this mark the last entry for it. It was really a pleasant experience shopping with Qoo10 (nothing new as ive been shopping with them since years ago~) So throughout this whole journey, i’ve blogged about FOOD, TECHNOLOGY, and not forgetting Fashion!!! And this last entry will be like a combo entry whereby i consolidate all the clothings that i’ve purchased from Qoo10 Singapore into a Lookbook! Presenting you Darren Bloggie X Qoo10 Singapore Lookbook Collaboration!

Create that SUMMER LOOK from Qoo10 with $50 !

Singapore Blog Awards 2012 (G-market Best Shopping Blog) It’s SUMMER TIME! Have your prepared your summer clothings? Ok, i know Singapore is like summer throughout the year but still you have to dress correctly right? Ever since i received my first batch of items which i ordered from Qoo10 a few years ago, i couldn’t help but to source for my clothings over there. So if you are curious on where i get my clothes, bags, accessories from, haha now you know the answer yeah! 😀 So I created a summer lookbook with $50 by purchasing them from Qoo10 ! and see what i’ve got here with me! ;D

[Darren Bloggie Giveaway!] No More Worries About Your iPhone/iPad Going Battery Flat!

Singapore Blog Awards 2012 (G-market Best Shopping Blog) Is the above image what you HATE to see whenever you are out, especially at a place whereby there is no power plug for you to charge your mobile phones? And you bought those very cheap portable charger whereby it can’t even give you a full charge on your iPhone or iPad? And the prices of those more “powerful” charger are always sooo freaking expensive that makes you wonder if you should buy it anot. NO WORRIES, QOO10 is here to save your day! 😀 *huh? like how?!*

[Darren Bloggie Cooking Class] Paldo KoKomyun Chicken Noodle!

Singapore Blog Awards 2012 (G-market Best Shopping Blog) Welcome to Darren Bloggie Cooking Class, conducted by Chef Darren Ang! 😀 学生们请掌声鼓励鼓励~ what we are cooking today is Paldo KoKomyun, Korean Hot Cheong Yang Pepper Chicken Noodle~! But before i proceed, let me tell you where to get it from! YES! i got them from Qoo10! 😀 SEE! i told you they sell lots of stuff lor. not only fashion apparels, they sell other stuff like FOOD as well! Was browsing on Qoo10 the other day, right after i received my credits…

Do You Know? G-Market is now known as Qoo10?

Singapore Blog Awards 2012 (G-market Best Shopping Blog) Are you an online shoppaholic? Love the convenience of getting your favourite clothings, accessories, digital gadgets and many more online? Then i’m sure you have made your purchases from the well-known (as well as my all-time favourite) online shopping site, G-Market right?! If you’ve visited the website recently and noticed that the GMarket logo was replaced with a Qoo10 logo, DO NOT CLOSE YOU BROWSER, thinking that you’ve visited the wrong site. That’s because G-Market did a re-brand recently and is now known as QOO10! *ps : not to worry about price hike or a more complicated user experience after the change as everything is still the same as before, and it gets even better! 😀

Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony Tonight!

After four months of online and offline vote rallying, the winners of’s Singapore Blog Awards 2009 will be revealed tonight at the swanky Supperclub. If you did not manage to get an invite to the mega blogging event tonight, fret not – The venue sponsor, Supperclub Singapore ( will like to extend an invitation to all the readers and other fellow bloggers for the Singapore Blog Awards After Party which starts after 10pm tonight (16 Sep, Wed). Cover/entrance charges will be WAIVED if you present the secret password “next generation” at the door. House pour will be 1-for-1 all night long and Moet @ S$100 nett. Come mingle with your favourite bloggers. Feel free to spread the words around! You can follow me on twitter for live coverage tonight or on twitter and facebook as well 😀