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Darren Bloggie x Qoo10Sg Lookbook Collaboration

Darren Bloggie x Qoo10Sg Lookbook Collaboration

Singapore Blog Awards 2012 (G-market Best Shopping Blog)

My blogging journey for the Singapore Blog Awards 2012 (Gmarket Best Shopping Blog) is coming to an end and this mark the last entry for it. It was really a pleasant experience shopping with Qoo10 (nothing new as ive been shopping with them since years ago~)

So throughout this whole journey, i’ve blogged about FOOD, TECHNOLOGY, and not forgetting Fashion!!!

And this last entry will be like a combo entry whereby i consolidate all the clothings that i’ve purchased from Qoo10 Singapore into a Lookbook!

Presenting you Darren Bloggie X Qoo10 Singapore Lookbook Collaboration!

the quality of the tees was really good and comfortable! I’m more than willing to pay a little more for such good quality! 😉 Though delivery from this shop takes slightly longer to arrive. BUT it’s all worthwhile la~

To match my overall outlook, i bought myself a pair of leopard prints high cut sneakers! 😀 it’s really cute as there’s a tail at the back! it’s comfortable and fit my size really well. Im wearing size 10 to 11, which is the the size number 280 when you purchased from Qoo10 😉

Another look which i created from the same shop. Super love this panda tee!!! 😀 it’s actually pretty long as it’s actually a lady long tee but i think by tucking in, guys can wear it too! don’t you think the combination looks pretty good?! 😛

i bought my harlem pants from taiwan but im sure you can find similar design on Qoo10 as well 😉

After 2 more wild and fun outfits, i created another outfit which you will probably see the most in korean drama and that’s bascially how most koreans in korea dress like! 😉

A simple tee, a blazer, a pair of jeans and you are done! 😉 ALL can be found on Qoo10! (though the blazer and jeans i got it from korea and taiwan but Qoo10 SURE have it as well~)

The tee from this shop is of good quality as well, though the white tee is slightly more transparent, but overall it didn’t went out of shape after wash 😉

OH! and yes!! the boots which i’ve always wanted to get!! red wing and dr martens are way too expensive for me and the boots you see in my pic can go up to 80 plus in bugis street! BUT i got it for $50 from Qoo10!! 😀 AWESOME!!

The shop AZN is one of my favourite shop in Qoo10 as well 😉 bought quite a few items from them before~

So like what i’ve said from all my previous post, always check out prices on Qoo10 and see if you can get something similar at a cheaper price. If you can, why not purchase them from Qoo10 instead? ;D

Oh and which outfit you like the most? leave a comment and let me know yeah 😀

At the end of this entry, i would also like to THANK everyone single one of you whom’ve voted for me in the Singapore Blog Awards ! though im no longer in the leading three, but i hope you guys enjoyed reading my entries and started your shopping journey on Qoo10 😉

Let’s see who shall emerge as the winner as the Gmarket Best Shopping Blog at the Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony on 21st July! 😀


Darren Bloggie is nominated as one of the FInalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2012organized by, under “Gmarket Best Shopping Blog” category.

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Darren Ang

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