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Mark Your Calendar for Lazada Effortless Shopping Sale & Win Lazada Vouchers!

It’s SHOPPING TIME! From 24th to 26th June, Lazada will be hosting a 3 day sale specially designed to offer you a seamless shopping experience ;) Keep a close eye on your devices on the 25th as the sale ramps up towards Flash Sale​. The best part – sales ​will be offered across all categories, ensuring there is something for everyone! Not forgetting to download the Lazada app and look out for up to 12 app exclusive deals each day with special discounts! Available for all iOS and Andriod users. In order to ensure having a 100% satisfied customer on Lazada, next day delivery will be made available across the sale period with free returns on local products within 7 calendar days. There will also be a Facebook Game and Instagram Selfie Contest where you can further expand your effortless shopping experience. What’s more? Darren Bloggie will be giving away 5 sets of $10 Lazada Voucher to 5 lucky readers! All you need to do is to : Share this blog post on your social media platforms …

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[Darren Bloggie Giveaway] A French Chocolate Kiss for Valentine’s Day from zChocolat

The French are renowned for their romantic sensibilities and gourmet prowess and chocolate is by no means of exception. zChocolat helps to bring a stunning, singular box of chocolates delivered with the utmost care to your beloved’s doorstep – anywhere in the world! The ‘One and Only’ Key for that Special someone. With its dainty look, slim figure, and mysterious allure, this romantic key was the obvious coice to emblazon the mahogany boxes of zChocolat Valentine’s Day Collection. The Key to Melting their Heart zChocolat’s small hearts appear in four sumptuous colors, each with an equally distinctive flavor profiles : a delicious dark ganache cloaked in a white exterior, a creamy milk hazelnut praline coated with 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate, a Vanilla Bourbon caramel dressed in a dark 70% Venezuelan couverture and a divine ganache-infused bergamot, hidden under a daring red robe. Special thanks to zChocolat, Darren Bloggie will be giving away 3 sets of Valentine’s Day -27 pcs with an assortment of 27 romantic chocolates to 3 lucky readers! :) All you have …

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99 percent hair studio manicure pedicure-6

Manicure & Pedicure Services Available at 99 Percent Hair Studio Now!

99 Percent Hair Studio introduces manicure and pedicure services now! I still remember when I first join them as their official blogger, they are still in a small shop located in Far East Plaza. Now, they’ve not only shifted over to Haji Lane, starting with one level initially, but to a whole 3 storey hair salon which provide hair services, manicure and pedicure, as well as make up services too! ;) Felt really glad and excited for them. SO… I got to try out the pedicure not long ago and yes, it’s my very first time doing pedicure lo. haha~ Now, don’t judge me as there are alot of guys out there that go for such services as well de hor. There’s not right or wrong to go be beautiful or looking good right? :P My pedicurist is very careful with the blades and she only told me that it’s actually shape blade which might just slice a piece of your meat off. look at the flakes! omg~ :X The whole process is actually very …

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[DarrenBloggie Giveaway] Win A Pair of POLICE Sunglass!

[DarrenBloggie Giveaway!] What is the most important thing for you when you are out in the sun? Sunblock? Hat? or a pair of sunglasses? Definitely sunglasses for me! Special thanks to POLICE, Darrenbloggie will be giving away a pair of POLICE sunglass which is specially designed to fit perfectly for the Asian to 2 lucky winners! All you have to do is: 1) Like Darrenbloggie Facebook Page & Eye Trendy Facebook page 2) Leave down a comment below and tell me why do you need this pair of sunglasses 2 Lucky winners will be selected and each of you will win yourself a pair of POLICE eyewear! * Terms & Conditions : – Contest starts from 8 Aug 2013 and ends on 10 Aug 2013 at 2359hrs. – Winners will be announced on Darren Bloggie, Darren Bloggie Facebook Page. – Winners are to reply back within 3 days upon receiving the winners notification. Kindly make sure that your FB account is not private and we are able to send you a message through Facebook. – …

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[WIN] New Premium Bakery : Swee Heng 1989 Classic

Sponsored Review Breakfast plays an important part in my life as it gives me energy to last throughout the day. The most common place that I will usually buy my breakfast for the next day morning will be the bakery. Other than those from the common brands that you see in major shopping malls, I personally quite like those that are found in the neighbourhood and one of them got to be Swee Heng. They provide a wide varieties of bread and cakes to choose from and they always have something that will surprise me hahaha~ When i got to know that they are opening a premium bakery in a shopping mall, i was hopping that it will be somewhere near where i’m staying, but… its in WEST MALL~~~ (pls pls have one in the EAST okay~) BUT! still i made a trip down to visit this new premium bakery which open not long ago.

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[WIN!] Sacoor Brothers x Darren Bloggie Lookbook Collaboration

Advertorial Sacoor Brothers x Darren Bloggie Lookbook Collaboration Sacoor Brothers is an international “lifestyle” brand that offers new and different styles from day to day. You can find several items from products to Man and Woman, through footwear and accessories through out all managed retail stores. With 21 years of experience in the fashion market, Sacoor Brothers reached today an important role in the fashion business, setting trends and bringing new products and services, and has achieved strong recognition in the markets and segments where it is positioned. I was really happy to work on the collaboration with Sacoor Brothers and I really love the brand, the shopping experiences and most importantly the products that they provide! Visited their store located at Raffles City Level 1 and I was extremely impressed with the decor. It’s so nicely done that i actually spent hours there. ps: you got to visit it yourself and do remember to visit the fitting room, i’m sure you will LOVE it!

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[2013 Xmas Guide + Giveaway] World’s First Shaver that Put Shaving Irritation on Ice by Braun!

Sponsored Review What irritates you the most for your daily shaving routine? The shaving irritation like burning, itching, redness and skin tension irritates me the most. Other than that, the need of having to replace your blade (which is quite expensive) and shaving foam is one factor which I do not like about too.

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[Darren Bloggie Giveaway] Win A Pair of tickets to Lee Byung Hun’s latest Hollywood Action Blockbuster, RED 2!

Darren Bloggie Giveaway Are you a coffee lover? I needa have my coffee fix every morning and the easiest way to fix that is to get the 3-in-1 instant coffee (though a coffee machine like nespresso will be great) and my mum and I, uncluding my aunties have been drink nescafe for the longest time! We are loyal supporter of them! haha~

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[Darren Bloggie Giveaway] Will Pan Unleashed World Tour Singapore Concert Press Conference + WIN Concert Tickets!

Darren Bloggie Giveaway This entry came a little late as i was busy with work and this press conference was held in may when he was in town for his first local ticketed concert promo. Was really happy when i received the invitation to attend the press conference as a media and i think you guys are not aware that i’m actually quite a fan of him as i do listen to his songs and will usually sing his songs at ktv sessions ;P I still remember my first encounter meeting him in person was in a KTV room many years ago and i got to sing with him in the room too! haha but sad to say, i can’t find that pic i took :X Anyway, back to the topic. So i  attended the press conference that day and he is still as bubbly and i am glad that he managed to do so well now. He is really a very hardworking artiste. :)

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[Darren Bloggie Giveaway] Around the World with POWER 98FM & Darren Bloggie!!! Win Boarding Pass & Goodie Bag!

Darren Bloggie Giveaway Love Travel? Who doesn’t right? I love traveling as i love to explore new places, learn something from the place i visit and most importantly to meet new people! :D Wanna go for a FREE TRAVEL TRIP? Read on and find out how you can stand a chance to witn FREE tickets to 4 different exciting destinations! Together with Power 98FM, Darren Bloggie is giving away not 1 but 4 pairs of air tickets by Tiger Airways to 4 different exciting destinations this month! How to take part?!

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Be A Playboy VIP with Playboy VIP Fragrance + GIVEAWAY!!!

Sponsored Review The first impression you gave people would be your appearance. What you wear maybe important to impress someone but make sure you smells good too! i’m sure it would be such a turn off for you if someone actually don’t smell really pleasant right? For the ladies, they tend to go for something more sweet in their fragrance while for the men, it’s recommended to go for something that makes you smell more refreshing and attractive. And… and i would like to introduce to you this range of fragrance from PLAYBOY! yes, that rabbit logo ;P

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Aaron Yan 炎亞綸 The Moment 簽唱會 Autograph Session at Plaza Singapura + GIVEAWAY!

After attending Aaron Yan 炎亞綸The Moment 音樂派對 Music Party, go read if you’ve not, i went for the autograph session the following day (partially also because we needa help out in the event) and here’s some pictures and videos that i’ve taken for you fans out there! :P The anticipating crowd which’ve been queuing up since morning under the killer sun… It’s SOO freaking hot and sunny that day~!!

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[Christmas Special Giveaway] Have A Deeply Relaxing Christmas with Kneipp Natural Skincare Jasmine & Argan Oil

Still in the midst of deciding what christmas gift to get for your friends? How about giving your loved ones a deeply relaxing christmas with Kneipp Natural Skincare Jasmine & Argan Oil! Jasmine is well known for its aromatherapeutic effect which deeply relax and sooth with it’s exotic and richly floral scent ;) Argan oil helps to hydrates, softens and protect skin from pre-mature againg, giving you that youthful glow that im sure everyone love right?!

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[Christmas Special] Wine Tasting Session @ My Wine Shop + Giveaway

Here comes the festive season! It’s also the month which i love the most as it’s time to celebrate christmas! :D It’s also the month where u have good food, drink some nice wine and enjoy an awesome party with your loved ones. So.. getting a good bottle of wine is actually quite important right? Was invited for a wine tasting session last weekend and i had a great time chillaxing and drinking the 3 different wines specially prepared by edwin, the lao ban of my wine shop.

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3D2N Gyeongju + Seoul Experience : Kpop Residence 2 & Shopping in Myeongdong

Sponsored Trip By Korea Tourism Organisation & Wah! Korea Club After bidding goodbye to Gyeongju, i’m back in Seoul after a 5 hours ride. Upon reaching back to the Korea Tourism Organisation HQ, bid goodbye to the friendly staff and i’m now officially ALL ALONE in KOREA! this is my very first time traveling ALONE and what i can say is that it’s really a unique experience for me! ahahaha~ So with the aid of the street view from google map, i managed to find my hotel without any help from the local. :) Booked a night stay at the KPOP RESIDENCE II, located right in the heart of Myeongdong.

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[Giveaway!] New Crocs, New You! Your Style, Your Path!

Darren Bloggie X Crocs Singapore Giveaway  I’ve been wearing Crocs shoes ever since i got the first pair from them as it’s just so durable, so comfortable and looking fashionably good nowadays in terms of the look and design! I can say that almost 8 out of 10 pple are not aware that the pair of shoes i’m wearing is actually from Crocs~! hahaha~ Was invited to the Crocs event 2 weeks ago (yes i know im kinda slow and took quite some time for this entry :X) and was introduced to their new range of crocs shoes for the Fall and Winter. All i can say is that it looks fabulous! :D

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It’s Kneipp Time! : Arnica Body Massage Oil & Warming Foot Balm

Sponsored Advertorial It’s been more than 2 weeks since the last Kneipp giveaway and here we are back again for another round of giveaway and to introduce you another 2 products from Kneipp! Hope those of you whom’ve won the kneipp products are loving it and hopefully it helps you in one way or another ;) Today, i will be introducing you the Arnica Body Massage Oil & Warming Foot Balm from Kneipp!

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Vote For Me as the Korea Trailblazer & WIN Goodies Bags From KOREA!

Sponsored Trip by Chan Brothers Travel & Korea Tourism Organisation The VOTING phase for the Korea Trailblazer had started and i really wanna thanks every single one of you whom’ve cast your vote for me (though im still lacking behind from the leading trailblazer) but still i wanna thank you guys for the support! I’ve actually prepared small gifts which i’ve brought back from Korea for you guys to show my appreciation for the support you’ve given me! :D

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